Marketing Content for Your Martial Arts Business

Over the last three years I’ve worked with hundreds of martial arts business owners and hundreds of  business owners across diverse industries.

One thing I’ve noticed many struggle with is words.

I’m not talking about “talking”! most have the “gift of gab.”

The words they struggle with are the words on the screen or on the page that must communicate benefits to the market place.

This is called “copywriting.” And if you’re in the martial arts business you have to wear the hat of marketing copywriter from time to time.

Even if you use a “hired gun” (like me) to help you formulate the words for your martial arts marketing website you still have to wear the hat.

Why? Because that’s how you’ll be able to tell if the copy is any good. You’ll know what to look for.

Being “Authentic”

It’s fine to use an ad or some sample web page copy as a baseline for your own material. But you can’t be lazy. You have to adapt it and convert it to your own voice.

You have to read it through.

His name will go un-mentioned but a former client once sent me back “approved copy for his website.” When I opened it – a spot that said (phone # here) was still there! Stuff like that does not look good on a website!

Here are a few ideas to end up with truly authentic words.

Start with your base, (Sometimes referred to as a swipe file), but sit it aside until you complete the next step…

Block out all distractions. Turn the phone off. Focus.

Think about the programs you are marketing. Then, answer the following questions and imagine a prospect was right in front of you.

“What this program is…”

“What it does for you…”

“Our unique system for producing results…”

“How the program will improve your life or solve your problem”

“What action you want them to take”

After you bang these out you have two options…

If you’re working with our team you would send this info along so we can customize a message for you.


Once complete you then whip out your base of material and start to stitch things together.

This should get you going if you have the time.