Martial Arts Business and Dealing With Economic Downturns

When I was 18 back in 1998 and started my first martial arts business my little mind was focused on my little 600 square-foot world.

The big world was coming to the end of “The Dotcom Bubble.”

My school grew (no thanks to dotcom companies) and by late 1999 I was in a 2800 square-foot location with 200 active students, afterschool martial arts, summer camps and fitness kickboxing.

Despite being being still somewhat naive to both my small world and the big world – we were doing pretty good!

Then …

In 2000 the dotcom bubble burst, 9/11 a year later and a recession was happening in the big world.

Aside from seeing my mutual-fund statements (I bought my first mutual-funds at 17 – not knowing mutual funds are not great investments – but what did I know at 17?) bleed red I had no idea we were in a recession.

My martial arts business kept growing.

I also learned it was my choice to be lazy or do what I had to do to drive my team and build the school.

I could look you in the eye and honestly tell you the recession did not matter to me.

Fast forward…

We had some “boom-years.”

These “boom years” certainly had an impact (to an extent.)

Sure… we had a few folks who must have taken home-equity loans or sold some real-estate and chose to pay a 6k – 8k membership for 39 months in full. We did not do many of those – but I know most of them were “boom-fueled” because my school was not in area where people had that sort of dinero lying around.

Fast forward…End of 07.

I do remember a few parents telling me they were “hurtin.”

So I guess the start of our last “great recession” had an impact on things.

After 10 years martial arts businessl operations (ages 18 to 28) I sold my second school after this new biz was stable.

Once again – If you asked me about the recession I’d have to say…

Like the first major “recession” of my career I was pretty much operating a “new business” and I am thankful that I have seen steady growth. I guess I have not “felt” the recession.

I hope you feel the same way!

Pay attention to your little world.

Don’t stick your head in the sand – stay informed – but don’t let all the noise get you down!

Right now consumer confidence is the highest it has been in years.

Home prices are rising.

The Dow is at an all time high.

If you have a brokerage account and paper assets – open your statement – it’ll bring a smile to your face.

Just be careful of the rollercoster ride!

As you know it swings both ways.

Keep focused on your goals and do your best to steadily grow your martial arts business.

Make an Impact!