martial arts business and marketing haters

Here’s some wisdom for you…

“Haters will be haters no matter what.” You will encounter them in your martial arts business.

Now don’t get your black belt in a bunch I am not talking about completely vile hate or anything like that.

I’m talking about the haters who object to anything you do that helps you “market your martial arts school: differently.

Example –

If you’re a more aggressive marketing your martial arts business in your area you’ll encounter some haters in the form of self-righteous competitors who feel as though you’re “too commercial.”

If you charge a few bucks more for your classes – you’ll encounter some parents who think you should charge as much as the karate school down the street.

If you do BBC or Leadership programs you’ll have to deal with the occasional hater who doesn’t feel “commitment is important.”

As a provider of school growth, marketing and internet marketing services I am frequently “hated on.”

Mainly via email or social media comments on Facebook.

I got a tongue lashing once from someone about our “Let’s Help You Publish a Book So It Can Help You Grow Your School.” program.

Here’s what this hater did not like…

Because I have written so much content for my martial arts business  in year’s past I am able to provide content to our school school owner client to fill the book. All they have to do is make some tweaks and add their personal touch.

I see this a solution to a problem. So many school owners want to have a book to help them market and stand out more in their community, but only a very very small percentage can actually gather their thoughts to put it together. So I give them the initial spark! A running start!

They hated me for that! Said it was phoney.

Whatever – let’s see what they can do!

Then – just having the content is only a small start. We need to format– design the cover – ISBN numbers. It’s really over-whelming. So we help them!

Again. Haters!

I love what Zig said, something like… “There’s never been a statue erected to a critic!”

Anyway – I thought of this because I am wrapping up a book project for a client.

If you want in on the next one…

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