Martial Arts Business and Martial Arts Marketing Tip Never Lower Tution

I remember when the negative energy of the “recession” was in full swing.

2008, 2009ish.

There were certainly a large pool of school owners who were impacted big time.

The typical problem…

“I’m losing my job so I have to quit.”

“Mom got laid-off so we need to pull little Billy from classes.”

“If I were working full-time I could afford your classes, but my hours have been cut.”

The reality is you will hear this stuff in any economy.

I remember operating my school’s in the “boom-times.”

The top of the Real Estate market when some people treated their homes like ATM’s.

STILL – I’d hear these problems.

The key is to have enough prospects.

Enough martial arts marketing funnels sending you students so these issues represent only a small portion of your overall situations.

Meaning – In any economy… for most people… it’s gonna be “business as usual” and the big economy will not effect their “little economy.”

Of course no matter what – we have to show value.

One mistake I’ve seen a few martial arts business owners make is to “lower their tuition” when the economy gets week.

It’s a bad idea for sure. For many reasons I will not go into here.

But the true reason you NEVER lower your tuition at your martial arts business is because as time goes on – you only get…

More knowledgeable: You keep learning new things to teach your students.

More successful: As you continue to learn to operate your martial arts school you learn things about life, people and business. You can actually take those lessons and transcend them to your students. Especially if you are teaching life-skills.

The bottom line…

As you stay the course of improving yourself and your martial arts business you become more valuable to the world.

Have an awesome week!