Martial Arts Business Crazy Glue

Let’s talk a little bit about “Crazy Glue.”

No, not the stuff that comes in the little tube. Man, when I was a kid, growing up in Philly, I had a weird imagination when it came to things to do with crazy glue. I’ll spare you the details.


Yesterday I talked about the over-looked Social Network of LinkedIn.

Basically, most martial arts business owners are NOT using it and there are no martial arts  business gurus talking about it.

There’s a hint it’s worth your attention and should be added to your martial arts marketing mix

I said to start by setting up a profile and joining a local networking group.

On and off over the past year I’ve talked a lot about social media. We’ve built a bunch a Facebook pages for schools.

But let’s talk about “The Crazy Glue.”

I’m always reading and learning. Right now I’m reading “Social Boom” by Jeffrey Gitomer. Great Book.

The book is re-enforcing a task that’s been on our list for a while. And that’s getting our different social media profiles in sync. (add Google Plus to that now – argh!)

Back to the Crazy Glue.

In the book Gitomer refers to it as just glue. But I say “Crazy Glue.”

The fact is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube are all must right now.

But the “Crazy Glue” that holds them together is your own website and your own blog.

So, the easiest way to “get your head around social media & internet marketing” is like this…

Lead Generating Website


Facebook biz page

LinkedIn Profile

Twitter Account

Youtube (for video blogging)

Squeeze Pages

Special Pages

Mobile Pages

This may seem like a lot but it’s not that difficult to get this all in sync.

The plan…

Start Blogging (both written and video)

Be sure your blog is tied into and part of your website. Your blog MUST have your lead capture offers right on it. This way when someone visits you can entice them to try your program.

Blog about the upcoming week of classes. Take video clips from belt testing. There are so many ways a school owner can blog, but most don’t.

At the very minimum you have your blog feed all of your social media platforms.

That is the minimum and you should do more.

I hope this sparks your idea engine. It’s crazy glue because it works fast and it’s powerful.

Now really is the time to get on this. So, sally forth and tweet to your heart’s content!

BTW– if you want some help with all this email me.

Right now…

For savvy school owners who are serious about success, we’re including a complimentary. “No-Show Follow Up” system that includes email and direct mail, with our “Internet, Mobile & Social Media Marketing Make Over” program.

Peace Out!