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School Systems Embracing Goal Setting?? Your In?

I read an interesting article yesterday…

The headline was…

“Making Kids Work on Goals (And Not Just in Soccer)”

Some excerpts…

“A student’s ability to set and achieve realistic goals is linked to higher grades, lower college dropout rates and greater well-being in adulthood.”

“Yet a majority of grade school students lack faith in their ability to reach their goals, according to a survey of 642 students by Gallup”

“Sadly, only about 42% of kids ages 10 to 18 are pursuing goals!”

“As more districts mandate career training goal-setting is drawing more and more attention!”

back to me… WOW! Howbout that?

This is something you need to pay attention to if you are looking for an “in with the school system.”

If you want some help– about a year ago we put something together something for our members called…

“Goal Setting for Good Grades”

What I can give you are…

2 Videos — one that is basically how to communicate this to teachers.

1 is a class talk

A word doc that outlines the program and gives you the flier to give to teachers

and one audio recording with the details.

This really can be an “in” for you.

Plus you get help and one on one coaching.

All you have to do is our trial for 11 bucks– that’s it– you get this stuff and our support.

Plus, there are some extras.

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