Martial Arts Business Ideas Why Students Quit

You tell your martial arts students how important this is, right?

You reward them with stripes and rank promotions when it’s obvious they are doing it.

You let them know “how just a little bit each day” is all that’s needed and how it can make such a huge difference in their martial arts training.

You make sure their parents know they have to make it fun.

I’m talking about “practice.”

I’ll tell ya…

One of the main drivers of retention can be getting your students to practice at home.

One major cause of a parent not showing their child any support is caused when the parent tries to get the kid to practice and then gives up because “they don’t feel like fighting with him about practicing at home.”

You’ve heard that one and you’ve heard this one…

“She needs to show me she is dedicated by practicing more.”

For parents this is one part “wanting to get this most bang for their buck.” After all, they are investing money in your martial arts school. Another part is wanting their kid to demonstrate their enthusiasm for training.

The fact is parents view their child’s willingness to practice on their own as a way of measuring if they should continue to spend their money at your martial arts business.

The question to ask yourself constantly is “How will I positively impact the overall experience of their training?” Their experience with you is much more than the 2 days a week they come to your martial arts school. That means having systems in place and not leaving things to chance.

Having a system around “Practice” will help you retain more students.

But naturally – sometimes no matter what you do students will quit.

Keep innovating.

Keep working.

Keep generating leads and interest.

Keep focused on your martial arts marketing.