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Will Google’s Cleanup Effect Your Martial Arts Business Internet Marketing

Last week Google lowered  the search rankings of websites that were gaming its system.

The move is part of Google’s internal decision to tweak it’s ever-evolving search algorithms.

Google said the changes were aimed at sites it deemed: “low quality.”

The question is…

How will this effect you martial arts business?

I guess the jury is still out and time will tell.

Be sure you are up on the latest trends of quality internet marketing and search engine optimization for your martial arts school.

If your competitor is doing well with their internet marketing, don’t copy them – but do adapt the principles they are using. Then, build from there!

This is one of many reasons we constantly monitor, tweak and report on our client’s Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

The truth is there is one secret, that when applied right is almost guaranteed to make Google LOVE your website.

There are three kinds of martial arts business owners we run across…

The first tries to do their internet marketing on their own. They usually end up wasting precious time or getting frustrated. Most end up with a sub-par website just to save a few bucks.

The second simply does nothing as their competitors (who are more savvy with internet marketing) zoom past them.

The third is the smart one that wouldn’t settle for UN-professional classes and therefor doesn’t rely on some well-meaning student or relative to handle the vital task of Internet Marketing for their school.

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