martial arts business internet marketing shelf-life

You should be on Facebook and be using a Facebook business page to promote your martial arts schools

If you’re not – you are missing out for sure.

But there’s something else that’s important here – REALLY Important.

And so far 19 out of 20 of our “48 Point Web Marketing Inspections”  have revealed this key element as being missing or done in-correctly. Most martial arts business websites miss it.

I’m talking about your  martial arts schools school’s blog.

And no – not some “social site” done improperly or the blog you’re doing on “blogger” or some SEO magic blog.

A blog as PART of your main website is really key. 


Facebook is great – but the “Shelf-Life” for one of your status updates will be any where from 5 minutes to 2 or 3 days MAX! These things evaporate into the Facebook air.

But the shelf-life of your blog post (done right) can actually be forever.

Each time you add one you show your students and prospects things are fresh.

You gain credibility for your website in the eyes of Bing and Google and improve your SEO “juice.”

Sadly – most are either not doing this. Boggles me because it is so easy. We always do a blog training for all of your web redesign clients to show them how easy it is.

But even worse – when they are doing it – most are doing it wrong. What a waste of time.

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