Martial Arts Business Lesson of Leave it Better

Tell your students: “Leave it better than…”

I can’t take credit for this one.

That’s because I heard it several years ago from another successful martial arts business owner.

I’m sure he heard it somewhere else too.

It’s the lesson…

“Leave it Better Than You Found It.”

This concept is worth sharing with your students, leadership team and your staff.

For students it makes for a fun “mat-chat.”

Teaching them how important it is to always look for ways to improve themselves and their surroundings. To make an impact.

Blood and Guts Story…

Several years back I had instructor who came to work for me in my martial arts business for about six months before he hatched his plan. The plan was to leave and take the students with him. I foiled his plan for the most part. But he did do some damage.

The week of his drama I taught my students the concept. I pointed out how his intention was certainly not to “leave our school better than he found it.” In fact – he tried to destroy it.

It was nice to hear he ended up out of business pretty quickly. Sweet Justice! He did not pay attention to the many martial arts marketing lessons I shared with him. LOL

It works great for staff too (if they actually listen!)

Everything from being aware of things to interacting with students.

No toilet paper in the bathroom? Re-stock it! Leave it better than you found it!

Brighten up a student’s day! Leave her better than you found her!

Anyway —

I hope this is a nice reminder for you or a good way to start your week!

I know you can use this great concept of… “Leave it Better Than You Found It.”

And BTW…

We like to use the “Leave it better than you found it” approach when helping schools with their internet marketing.

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