Martial Arts Business Marketing Google Mistake

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with Google Adwords, both for our internal projects and for some of our martial arts business clients.

If you’ve been living under an internet rock somewhere let me explain Google Adwords. It’s about buying traffic (clicks) on Google. You know the “sponsored” links that show up on the right of Google and sometimes on the top.


How we end up helping a client with their Pay Per Click usually begins with this question: “Mike, can you take a look at my Adwords account?”

Most of the time my reply is… “sure thing.”

Invariably when I jump in there is see one huge mistake. (among a few sometimes)

And that’s…

Only sending the clicks to your home page.

Here’s what I mean.

Too many “ignorant Adwords advertisers” will throw a campaign or two together. And what they’ll do is make the “destination URL” (that’s the page you want your clicks to go to) be their home page.

Here’s the problem.

Most of the time your prospects hate it and so does Google.

Let’s break it down. (“Hammer Time”)

The rookie wants to buy Google ranking for their MMA Program. So they add the keywords “MMA” and “Mixed Martial Arts” etc. But then they send the traffic to their home page. Where it says something like… “Welcome, we’ve got a ton of programs for all ages blah, blah blah.”

Bad Idea!

To make it simple.

The MMA Campaign needs to go to the MMA Page!

Then, you divide and conquer from there. (Moo Ha Ha!)

One more BIG Mistake? Sure thing!

They buy all kinds of keywords. Self-defense, kids martial arts, mma, etc in one campaign and then – guess where they send them? Right! Their home page!

OK– you’ve just been schooled a little. Maybe you “knew this already.” But are you doing it? Are you really kicking butt with Google?

Are you also doing Adwords mobile? That’s where you dominate the searches on “Mobile devices.”

Bottom line…

The internet and the mobile world are always changing. Sometimes it makes sense to get some help to navigate all the changes.