Martial Arts Business Marketing Mix for Success

I’m a firm believer and advocate of having as many marketing channels open as you can.

Our business and the martial arts business clients we serve end up with a few main sources of prospects…

Martial Arts Marketing Website (from organic SEO)

Adwords campaigns for specific programs and search terms.

Facebook Ads to build likes on business pages

Mobile sites to capture those visitors and get a “leg up” on the competition.


Email marketing.

Networking (which leads to quality referrals).

Events (which lead to referrals)


Drum Roll Please….

Direct Mail!

And it’s direct mail that I’m doubling down on right now – and you should too.


Elections are over so there’s not as much mail coming in.

The chances of any other “local business” – let alone another martial arts doing direct mail is darn slim because most are too lazy or just don’t “get it.” You end up with an “exclusive.”

When doing anything else for your school’s marketing direct mail becomes a “force-multiplier.”

The internet and social media are awesome – but they’re noisy! Direct Mail gets you “close” to your ideal student without the noise.