Martial Arts Business Marketing New Information and Ideas

This is sorta funny…

I just realized how over the years I’ve heard so many martial arts business owners talk about…

“How there’s Nothing New in the Martial Arts Business Industry.”

I guess they want NEW Martial Arts Marketing Ideas!

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Because it depends on the person’s frame of mind when they make this statement.

If they’re shut off to ideas and simply complaining about how they “heard that before” usually it’s a good idea to run in the other direction.

It’s not about if you’ve heard it before – it’s about if you’ve implemented what you’ve learned.

The martial arts business owner how complains about “hearing it before” but yet has never taken action will drag you down!

But if I hear a school owner say “there’s nothing new” with a confident and humble voice – I know what they mean is – “I keep doing what works and it works!”

The new reality is there’s plenty that is new these days.

Most can’t keep up that’s how much is really “new.”

The key is to discover your winning combination.


You will always need face-to-face persausive skills to be successful in the martial arts businnss. Nothing new – but worth your constant learning and polishing.

Personally, I still use direct mail in my business. Certainly nothing new. Most try it and then give up and then complain how it’s not new and it don’t work. It does work.

Where things are constantly changing and new things coming all the time is online.

You can really get left behind if you’re not careful.

A good exercise is for you to go back through all of your OLD stuff.

What worked in the past but for some reason you have gotten away from it?

Stick to the basics – the old martial arts marketing ideas that work and be on the look out for the new things!