Martial Arts Business Marketing Practice what You Preach

Here’s a big problem and I hope you don’t have it.

Too many times something “new” comes along and school owners forget about or stops doing the “old.”

This became real obvious to me today as I working on a direct mail campaign for a new client.

In this campaign – we’re going “OLD School” – totally targeting the radius around the business.

Compelling offer, headline, testimonials, a unique message, deadline to respond, map of the location – all the goodies you need on the check list.

In direct mail this is called “Farming.”

And even though my contract is for this campaign only I informed them “Farming” is something they should continue to do.

The right farming program can help you penetrate an area through repetition. Heck, don’t you always tell your students…

“Repetition is the mother of skill!” Yet there are some school owners who abandon marketing programs faster than a spoiled kid can tell his parents he’s quitting so he can play more video games.

These guys don’t practice what they preach. One of my early martial arts business mentors joked about how for certain school owners attaining the next degree of Black Belt often meant an inch or more addition to their waste-line. (not practicing what they preach)

The real success happens when old school discipline and repetition meets new school marketing.

The real success happens in your martial arts business when you do a bunch of things to bring in students.

Yes, I’ve been telling you about how important Mobile is right now.

We’ve talked about how Facebook Ads when done right can give you a direct line of communication to your most desired prospects.

The point is to stay with it.

Well, if you’ve read this far you obviously know about sticking with it.

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