martial arts business marketing tips to turn leads into students

I.F.I.P. System for turning leads into students and Marketing your Martial Arts Business

Here’s one more solid “Follow Up” tip for you.

When following up with leads that you meet when you’re “out and about” or leads that come through your martial arts marketing website…

Keep in Mind The IFIP Formula…

Let’s show this by starting with a question I often get…

“Mike, I’ll be renting a table at (xyz community event), I’m wondering what is the best way to follow up on leads that I meet there?”

Answer: There are 2 ways…

It’s all gonna come down to being proactive rather than reactive.

So the big take away is to have your follow up DONE BEFORE you go to the event.

Then – you work two angles.

Remember, you’ll have 2 kinds of leads.

  1. Those leads that are “half-way interested” and willing to set an intro appointment.
  2. Those leads who are “not really sure” but are happy to “learn more about you.”

The “intro leads” go into one system and the “not really sure” leads go into another.

Of course both systems should include email, direct mail and a reminder to you or your program director to make a call.

Then, you can use the IFIP formula to build it.

It stands for…

Information – Feedback (testimonials from students) – Information – Pitch

Getting more information into their hands is priority number 1. (after an intro is booked)

People today are naturally inclined to “do a little research” on your martial arts business before they come in anyway. So why not help them “cross something off their list?”

The testimonial element is pretty self-explanatory. Then, a little more info and finally (but not really “finally” as in you’re done) a straight forward offer to get them off the fence. The “P” stands for “Pitch.”

I’m interviewing a few potential new clients for three of the openings in my “Martial Arts Marketing Mega Follow Up System.”

If you want to find out more information the only way to do so right now is send me an email and arrange a private time to chat via phone.


Go follow up – it’s the winner’s edge in our “tougher economy.”