martial arts business may special event ideas

A special  gift for you…

But first a question…

Do you ever wonder why some parents really support certain special events while others get dismal attendance?
Well, we have.

And then we realized the key to getting parents on board and more importantly…

Getting Parents to BUG their friends about your events.

As a parent, that’s how it happens, your kids make friends and that’s how parents make friends.


This event that you can run in May will get your parents talking.

It will get them to bring you “Non-Member Referrals” (AKA “Buddies/Guests) to your event.


Because this event resonates with Parents.

NO, It’s not JUST some ordinary “Night Out.”

It’s much more and that’s why it gets parents talking.

So here’s what I did.

I am giving the flier for this event away for nothing. When you see the flier, it will pretty much tell you how to run the event.

Of course, we don’t want just anyone who can fog a mirror to get their hands on this.

So… All I’m Asking is for you to “Request It” by putting your information in.

Of course, we never share your info and never send spam, we respect your privacy and get you good information that can help you.

Anyway… yada yada yada… Grab your May Special Event Here, Then Check Your Email For Details…

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