Martial Arts Business To Be Forever Changed!

The world of martial arts business, school operations and marketing information is about to get a big kick in the pants!


The way martial arts schools get their business building resources in about to be changed forever!


NO! It’s not the fact that the “MA-Biz Secret Society” is web based so it’s open 24/7. That is a huge benefit, but not revolutionary. Here’s what’s revolutionary…


EXCLUSIVITY! We are not just surrendering to anyone with a credit card. You can only be an MA-Biz Secret Society Member if you are “single school operator.” I’m not talking about marital status either…


What I mean is that we only accept Independent Martial Arts School Owners. You CAN NOT be part of chain or franchise. (We define chain as 3 or more schools!)


However, you can grow your organization while you are a Secret Society member and we’ll be happy to help you. BUT, if you own more than three schools right now you CAN NOT be part of this society.


I must admit that we did make one exception to this rule…We “grandfathered” in Master Ed Samane, of Master Samane’s Karate in South Eastern PA. He is a very sharp and experienced martial arts business owner and he will be resource to help our members build their own organizations. He currently owns six schools!


Another thing..We will only accept one school per zip code! Think about it, why would we want two schools in the same area to be using these secrets?? It just does not make sense and it is not fair?? Heck, I remember when one of my competitors ran the same ad I did that we got from the same association!

 The Secret Society will operate like a good martial arts school! 

Personal service, good quality classes and a genuine interest in your students are the fundamentals of a good school and that’s exactly what the MA-Biz Secret Society is all about!


Oh yeah- If you call us you’ll either get us or you’ll get our personal voice mail. No “how may I direct your call?”


I can not stress enough that this is not for everyone! In fact we have a limit on the number of school owners we can accept!


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© 2007 By Michael Dolpies