Martial Arts Business Website Marketing Critiques

Site 1 — “Help Your Competition Why Don’t Ya”

Site 2 –  “Was this Website Framed?”

Site 3 –  “Polls are for Exotic Dancers”

Site 4 –  “Could Jackie Chan Save This Website?”

Site 5 – “Double Crossed By Reports”  And Lots of Squares

Site 6 – “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” But atleast Its got this…

Site 7 – “Be Careful You Don’t K-O Your Prospects”

Site 8 – “Ahh- Video Overload – and HUGE Mistake”

Site 9 –  “Old Old Old Old Old Old School”

Site 10 –  “This Site’s Got a Lot of Potential- BUT, It’s Getting Beat Up On The Details”