Martial Arts Business Website Marketing Testimonial Tip

This is a little thing.

But successful martial arts business owners are about the little things.

Picture a web page…

Say – it is for marketing your kids martial arts program as an example.

You have…





Doesn’t always have to be this way – but that’s a a good starting point.

Yes – you can have video and images of course!

But then you have these Testimonials from happy parents.

Some of them are 2 sentences others are a paragraph.

It’s a good idea to have photos for them too.

So here’s the debate…

Should the testimonials go between the words…




yada – yada





A lot of sites do that. Heck – I used to do it!

But then I realized adding testimonials like that would compare to this…

Picture you’re talking to a prospective student in your martial arts school  face to face.

You’re giving them some info about the program and then all of sudden you stop and say…

“Here! Read what Sally had to say!”

Then you get back to giving them info and then a minute later you say…

“Look at what Bob had to say!”

Then, you move on.

Strange right?

Well – why do that on your page?

We what have begun to do with redesigns of websites is to put the testimonials on the side bar of the pages.

So you end up with an UN-interrupted message to your visitor.

All the while the prospect can see the “Social Proof” on the side of your page.

Just like them being in your lobby or office where you might have these testimonials on display in nice frames.

The proof elements just ooze out and you end up making a great impact.

Anyway –That’s all for now.