martial arts marketing and business building bootcamp

Member Solutions Business Building Bootcamp coming up in Philly on March 31st and April 1st 2012 will include new interactive workshops, educational seminars and physical training sessions.

In the workshops, you’ll put into practice what is being taught right on the spot. Bring your laptop and smartphone and get ready for hands-on guidance and instant results!

Join me for my session… Bring your laptop & smartphone!
Putting Your School in the Palm of their Hands:
5 Secrets of Mobile Marketing

The Dojo DNA – Daily Necessary Activities

Allie Alberigo, Founder of Taking It to the Next Level

Learn what it takes to run a school from top to bottom. Allie will cover what tasks are necessary for success and what it takes to get them done. You’ll walk away with a list of actionable techniques for effective time management, time slicing and goal setting.

The Secrets to Managing Your School’s Online Reputation

Michael Parrella, CEO of FC Online Marketing and

Learn how to monitor and manage your business’ online reputation. Michael will reveal the secrets to helping you stand out from your competition and build consumer confidence. You’ll then put his tips and techniques into action through a hands-on guided tutorial!

Optimizing Your Student Upgrade Process

Master Tommy Lee, Founder of Step-by-Step Success

This session will cover the student upgrade process, how to improve systems, overcome objections and enhance retention for your schools. Tommy will also provide specific suggestions to enhance your own school’s program levels and upgrades so you walk away with actionable tips and advice.



Surviving as a Traditional Martial Arts School Owner When Others Say You Can’t

Allie Alberigo, Founder of Taking It to the Next Level


Which 21st Century techniques should you embrace? Which are just fads, gimmicks or trends that will soon disappear? In this seminar, Allie will reveal the techniques and tools he’s used for the past two decades in running his successful, traditional Martial Arts school.

Grant Yourself Permission to Grow

John Bussard, CEO of Kicks Karate

Break the chains that are holding back your growth!

Are you making decisions that will allow your school to grow, or are you making choices that are preventing it? Join John Bussard as he discusses some of his mistakes, the tough lessons he’s learned, and victories that have helped him become one of the most successful school owners in the industry. John will challenge you to take a hard look at your school structure and business, and share some of his most successful strategies to help take your school to a higher level.

9 Easy-to-Use Internet Marketing Techniques

Michael Parrella, CEO of FC Online Marketing and

Join Michael Parrella as he reveals 9 simple and effective ways to market your school online – the same techniques he’s used to help his clients generate over 60,000 paid online enrollments!

Marketing Mastery – Going from Zero to Hero!

Barry Van Over, President of Martial Arts Management Group

Join Barry Van Over as he reveals the marketing ideas and strategies that will drive new business to your studio. With the popularity of Internet marketing, and the fact from Google that 80% of all Internet leads are driven from off-line marketing tactics, great marketing systems are more important than ever for your business!

Retention 101

Dave Kovar, Founder and Chief Training Officer of Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts


Many Martial Arts professionals spend too much time trying to get new students and not enough time sincerely taking care of their existing ones. In this discussion, Dave Kovar will review “Retention 101” and give participants a clear game plan as to how they can dramatically improve their retention. Good retention is arguably the most important aspect of a successful school because happy students will refer others.


Cutting Edge Classroom Concepts
Dave Kovar, Founder and Chief Training Officer of Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts

In this fast-moving class, Dave will take participants through a training session filled with functional and dynamic drills and skills.