Martial Arts Marketing Direct Mail Shift

I stand before you a changed man.

So what happened?

A metamorphosis if you will.

A shift in the way I do something now compared to how “I’ve always done it in the past.”

Let me explain…

I started using direct mail in 1998 when we did a mailer after hiring a “local agency.” The mailer was a miserable failure.

We pissed away more than 4 G’s. Something our martial arts business could not afford!

Then – we got smart by learning why that mailer did horrible!

The following year we got back in the direct mail game. We used Direct Mail to fill about 5 of the 15 spots in our after school karate program. A huge home-run considering each kid’s tuition was $55 a week for the entire school year.

After that experience I was hooked on direct mail martial arts marketing.

We used it several times a year to get new students and generate upgrades.

I once used a direct mail campaign to help a new martial arts school business go from 0 to just over 100 active (on agreements) students in less than 90 days.

In 2006 I started teaching my formula and providing school owners with “ready to go” mailing samples.

My Quick Karate Sales Letters course still helps schools with knowledge, tools and resources to this day.

Regrets? I’ve had a few – but then again – too few too mention.

But I do regret not doing more direct mail.

So what’s the change?

I still love direct mail but now I’ve moved into what I call…

Campaign Specific, Recent and Extremely Relevant/Timely Direct Mail that is…

Completely Automated.


Someone comes into one of our numerous lead funnels and then direct mail is pre-arranged and sent without us touching it.


Someone shows up to your special event. They come to a party. They request info online, etc.

Then – it gets triggered…They get a pre-planned, pre-arranged, pre-set series of letters and cards.

Each one is relevant and timely. After all – they just came into your world. It’s not like you’re mailing them out of the blue.

Of course I still do direct mail each month.

But the peace of mind is there knowing that once I get a lead in the door the follow up is happening.

The clients we’ve done this for love it too.

But it does start with some fundamental knowledge and a basic skill set for direct mail success.

For white belt – through black belt direct mail training visit…

Quick Karate Sales Letters