martial arts marketing follow up to non-enrolled students

One of the most violated rules of martial arts business marketing is that of follow up!

It’s sad because people slip through your finger tips. In this economy you can’t afford to let people slip through.

There are all kinds of martial arts marketing follow up systems. They range from…

Special Event lead Marketing

No Show Follow Up Marketing

Website Email Marketing

Community Outreach Marketing Systems

Non-Enrolled Students

There are so many, but yet, most martial arts schools miss them.

Below, you can request to see a complimentary sample of a follow up direct mail marketing letter that is sent to prospects who come to an intro, but decide not to enroll.

Keep in mind it is just one of several steps. But it will get your ideas flowing.

We can’t share this valuable info with everyone. So just fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you right away in word document form.

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