Martial Arts Marketing-How to Get Publicity for Your Martial Arts Business

This article covers the basic principles that will help you get publicity for your martial arts business. Marketing your school is very important, but when you add the ability to get your martial arts school on TV and in print your results can be amazing…

Sometimes the best way to start getting publicity for your martial arts school is to be aware of what the national media is talking about.

For example…

Did you hear about the horrible bullying incident in Philly?  It was pretty bad and really SAD!

I know it makes you wanta stand up and do something!

It has gotten A LOT of national attention!

When something like this happens it presents a window of opportunity to position your martial arts business as the “go to” school in your area.

NO– you do not need to spend on some expensive course on bully prevention!

You already know enough to be an expert on this topic.

Then- you have to contact the correct person at your local network affiliate.

Think FOX – ABC- NBC.

You will get the most traction with Morning Shows. So look for those.  Then you need to the right contact. There are specific job titles for those who book guests. “Guest Booker” is just one but there are others.

The key is to get to the right person.


You need craft what’s called a “pitch” that outlines your idea for your 4 to 6 minute segment.

This can be done via email.

You need to open with a pithy couple sentences that grab attention and cause the Guest Booker to read more.

Then– you tell them the tips you will share.

After that you show a sample lead in. This is basically what they will input into their tele-prompters.

Then you close with your call to action and contact info.

Bada-bing! That’s how it’s done!

If you want some help…

Today I sent our members via their member only email– the exact pitch with the bullets, the lead in and the outline of the idea.  The same exact pitch that has worked before to get our members media attention.

That’s what we do here at the Martial Arts Business System– save you time and effort!

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