martial arts marketing in tough times

I spoke to a school owner the other day who has got to be in one of the most economically depressed areas in the U.S.

But honestly, if he didn’t come out and tell me where his school was I would not have guessed it, why?

Mainly because of his attitude and his energy level.

His school, even though hit hard by the recession is still alive, kicking and growing ( a little slower, but growing).

Beyond all the warm and fuzzy positive attitude stuff lies something really instructional.

Here’s the back drop…

His call to me was mainly to find out more about the stuff we do…


Lead Generating Web Marketing

Mobile Marketing

& Follow up Marketing Systems

His goal is to improve his internet marketing and follow up marketing, plus get ahead of the mobile marketing trend.

But here’s why he’s got so much energy and a great attitude…

He is doing so much stuff to hustle and bring people to his school.

He’s has built great relationships in the community.

He does several internal and external event driven marketing things per month.

He is always doing something. And he told me the recession has taught him how to work harder to get people interested in his school.

“The few things we did 4 and 5 years ago are not enough anymore,” were his words.

The overall lesson– this guy is positive because he can look himself in the mirror at the end of each day and KNOW he gave it his best.

“He doesn’t give it his best because he’s positive & energetic, he’s positive & energetic because he gives it his best.” – Mike D.

Feel free to barrow that quote if you want.

Little Things Matter

The reason why he wants to use some of our automated follow up systems is because when he hustles his school generates a bunch of leads.

He openly admitted to me– those leads need to be followed up on better.

After you get to a certain point it really is the little things that matter.

If you wanta find out how automated follow up can work for you so a little thing like “letting prospects slip through the cracks doesn’t hold you back visit…

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