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Someone on our Martial Arts Business System free ezine list sent in a couple of great questions so I figure I’d share them with you as I answer. Hey, I am big believer in using every part of the pig twice.

Interestingly enough – this subscriber is actually a full time chiropractor. But don’t be foolish and disregard his questions. OK, let’s get going…

Question: “Mike I purchased your 7 Day Local Celebrity Program because I want to attract local patients. My publicity has to be within 20 miles of my office.

After trying a few local newspapers and radio stations, how are we going to get ongoing local publicity?

I remember going on a few local radio shows several years ago. I also had a few small articles

written about me in local papers. – But I never could figure out how to get local publicity on

a regular basis. – How did you overcome this problem in the martial arts field?”

Answer: Thanks for getting my course on publicity! Here goes…

2 ways…

You must have angles, hooks and story ideas on a regular basis.

That’s what leads to ongoing publicity. Be sure you go through my course several times so the ideas and concepts soak in.

Then you must look at being a “contributor.”

You’re an expert and have to be sure you claim the title. A wellness column perhaps that appears regularly. Give it a good “running title” and you’ll be on your way.

A radio spot– or even TV spot with the same tone can also work.

Once you land one Radio or TV spot you can then stay in touch with producers and send them regular ideas. Some will be accepted and some won’t.

Getting ongoing media is a combo of what I just gave you above-plus relationship building.

Next Question -Regarding the Martial Arts Business and Marketing

“A few fiends of mine and I have been thinking about starting a martial arts business in

Los Angeles for children and teenagers. – We never started it because we have seen so many schools fail.

We have been testing different marketing methods, but they brought poor results.

We tried newspaper ads, direct mail postcards, websites and SEO consultants, fliers and coupon books.

In six months of marketing we only attracted eight students. So, two weeks ago we started a class and rent by the hour at a local church a few times a week. – This way we are not stuck with a lease if it doesn’t work. – We will give it a few months to see if it grows.

We wasted a lot of money. – None of our marketing is pulling over one student per month.

I have talked to other school owners and their marketing hardly pays the rent.

I have also tried “marketing martial arts programs” on the internet. But, the instructions were very vague. : Example – They tell you to approach public and private schools and tell them that you want to come in and do a “Bully Program” or Self Defense Program.

Here, in Los Angeles, the Principal of the school usually says “No”. There are many rules that the School Districts set up. – Maybe it might work in some small city where there are not so many rules. Even the Boy Scout Groups out here have rules against having a talk or lecture on martial arts.

What marketing methods work in a “large” city for children’s martial arts?”


That’s a lot to answer in an email or blog pot– but here goes…

I know many martial arts school owner’s whose marketing does work so you wanta get around them if you could.

There are no magic pills.

A good location is better than a bad one. Duh!

Internet Marketing done right– with a website that converts to generate leads does help for sure. There are wrong and right ways to set up martial arts school websites.

A combination of “grass-roots,” hustle type marketing and targeted direct marketing — plus internal and external events– is a winning formula.

When it comes to marketing you also have to pay special attention to the message and the offer.

As far as getting into schools is concerned– there are numerous ways to do it.

But you are safer with going the route of “build up” first.

Meaning: You cant expect to walk in and land a deal with a Principal cold.

All the good deals I have ever gotten in schools– were always preceded by months and sometimes a years worth of groundwork. Doing talks for teachers. Connecting with PTA folks and others through local networking and doing a fair amount of classes for private places like daycares, etc.

Also note– I have run schools in the “big city” and in “small towns.”

And aside from just a few minor details their school systems operate the same when it comes to “who gets in” and who does not.

One big mistake is to talk “martial arts” with them off the bat.

In our members area – we have several programs you can “knock off” and teach in schools, camps and pre-schools.

These include videos and instructions.

Some titles of the programs are…

“Goal Setting for Good Grades”

“How to Defeat the Bully Without Violence”

“Fun, Fitness & Focus”

Notice– none have “Martial Arts” in the title.

To get access to all these- check out…

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