Martial Arts Marketing with Expert Positioning

Depending on how long you’ve been studying marketing as it pertains to growing your school will determine when you first heard of the term “Expert Positioning.”

Expert Positioning as it pertains to your martial arts school marketing is when you decide to become an expert in subject matter related to your school.

As a martial arts business owner you can be an expert in…

  • Your art (Duh)
  • Kids’ Character Development
  • Self-Defense (You can decide on niche of self-defense, for example, women’ self-defense)
  • Fitness
  • Anti-Bully Strategies

Yes, there are more. And yes…you can be an expert at all of the above and beyond. And let’s not forget the importance of being an expert at running your martial arts business!

So how does a martial arts school owner become an expert?

First you have to decide. We will get back to what to do after you make the decision.

Part of your decision was made when you began to pursue knowledge. You worked hard at learning your art. As your learned your art you developed a passion for teaching. Your passion for teaching led you to pursue certain “specialties.” You became really proficient at these specialties. You learned, you applied, you learned some more and you refined. It’s a constant process. The constant process leads to further development of your expertise.

Sadly – this is where most stop. They never reach their full potential as experts. Ultimately, they are not even really seen as “true experts” because…

Part of the decision to becoming “The Expert” needs to be a conscious agreement with yourself that you will let your market know you are an expert. There’s a lot of expert martial artists out there but their communities don’t know they are experts.

As a martial arts business owner you must constantly showcase and market your “expertise.”

You have to add “Content Marketing” to your daily schedule.

Experts have something to say. Then they say it. When the right people hear what you have to say often enough – your expert positioning is solidified.

There has never been any other time in the history of the martial arts business world where you have so many opportunities to step up and say something. Let’s take a look…

You have the four walls of your martial arts school. Beyond just teaching classes make sure you are offering your students advice and solutions to problems.

Outside the walls of your school you have tons of places to step up and say something.

Start with your school’s blog. Your opinion on developments in your area of expertise – Your take on what is working and what is not working are great topics for your blog.

Social media is an awesome place to get bite-sized chunks of your expertise out to the world. I like Facebook the most because that’s where social media users spend most of their time.

Online video can be shared through your website and social media platforms. One of my clients has more than 100 videos that go out to his students at key times in their progression. This is his way of helping his students and showcasing his expertise.

Doing live events is another example of “Expert Marketing” for your martial arts business. When you go into a school to help kids and teachers or when you do a woman’s self-defense class you are sharing your knowledge as the expert.

The written/printed word is another way to solidify your Expert Position. This one happens to be one of my favorites!

There have been many school owners you have most-likely heard of and I’m sure a whole bunch you have not heard of who have authored books. These books are meant to spread a positive message. But they are also amazing Expert Marketing calling cards.

Students will buy your books for sure. But you’ll also give plenty away to new students, prospects and key influencers in your community. I love helping school owners get books published to help them market and showcase their expertise. Feel free to take a look at some recent project below. It is close to being published.

None of these strategies are meant to be done as “one-off.” They all work together, but you have to decide to work them. Get started as an expert – you might like it!

martial arts book for martial arts business