Martial Arts Marketing with Social Media

I’m not a Social Media guru! There are plenty of “Social Media Gurus” & “Martial Arts Marketing Gurus” out there so I just let them be.

There are so many aspects to Social Media Marketing that in all honesty – how could someone be a “Guru” in all things Social Media anyway?

Let’s talk some basic social media marketing for your martial arts business.

I spend my social media time updating my blog.

Then – I jump in to LinkedIn a couple of times per week to confirm connections and and add some content.

But like you (assumption) and everyone else (assumption) most of my social media time is spent on Facebook.

I manage a couple of pages and run some ad campaigns for a few clients. And yes – I get sucked in and 4 minutes later – wonder what the hell am I doing??

So let’s make this about Facebook because that’s where everyone is.

And here is the shift in thinking…

You need to treat your Facebook page as a marketing tool for your martial arts business – not just a place to update students.

Think of your page as a physical location.

Some locations are better than others.

Some locations get more foot traffic than others.

The more targeted page likes you have the more possible “foot traffic” you have.

If your goal is to have 100 people walking by your school each day with most of them being your current students – don’t change anything about your Facebook strategy. Keep doing what you’re doing. But don’t expect many new students to come out of it.

But – if you want to (and this is very doable) have 500, 1000, 2000 possible prospects “walking by” your martial arts business every day what would you change?

Wouldn’t you have to shift your thinking a little?

If you had more people walking by your front door each day – what would you do differently?

If some of that traffic had a reasonable chance of becoming students – how would you respond?

Just something to think about…

Shifting your Thinking on Social Media -in particular… Facebook