martial arts new student marketing and direct mail marketing to grow your business

Mike D.: All right everybody, this is Mike Dolpies again bringing you another Top Notch Expert Interview and today on the phone with me I have Mr. Dean Killingbeck. Dean is someone I have gotten to know over the last couple of years and it’s been a very profitable relationship to me in a lot of ways.

I can just give you a firsthand experience; when I was opening up a new studio, I needed some advice on a short fire direct marketing campaign that was going to get the attention of my list and more important bring people in the doors cause it was very important I get up and running and put people in my door very quickly.

Dean helped me do that and I have been a customer of Dean’s now for a couple of years and I fully rely on him and his crew for help in all my direct marketing campaigns. Now what we’re doing is we’re sharing ours and his material with our members so you get to profit now from our relationship.

Dean is the owner of New Customers Now, which is in Michigan, but that doesn’t really matter because he does business with people all over the world and he is an expert in powerful direct marketing campaigns that get attention and get results. So, Dean welcome.

Dean K.: Yeah, thank you very much. I’m glad to be here with you.

Mike D.: All right. Well, it’s good to have you. We’re going to get right to it because I know your time is very short and so is mine, and we’re going to get moving. You mentioned the three building blocks of increasing sales, can you maybe explain that?

Dean K.: This is pretty typical and I actually took this from Bill Glazer that there is only actually three ways to increase business. Most of us are pretty good at a couple of them but there’s one that’s always lacking and of course the easiest, not the easiest, but one of the ways to build your business is to get the new customer, in other words somebody brand new that comes into your shop that’s never been there before.

Then where you guys, especially karate guys, are find are very, very good at this, is up-selling the existing clients that you have. So, you have somebody that’s in there that starts out as a, you tell me, as a white belt or a yellow belt or something like that. Am I right?

Mike D.: Yeah, that’s exactly right. Some systems will vary but, you know, white belt, yellow belt.

Dean K.: Okay, so they come and you try to build them up and you give them a way to do that. So, they start out with, oh you can have three months for 269, and they come in and they do that and everything goes well. Then you try to say, okay, if you want to become a black belt you have to go through these and this is what it is going to take to get there.

So, you guys are really good at up-selling them and getting them enthusiastic and taking them from a low level to a high level. The other thing that I think you guys are really good at is getting the parents involved after they’ve seen their children do so well is getting the parents involved. So, that would be considered an up-sell.

The two places where I think that all businesses kind of let down on are lost customers. In other words somebody came into the program, started it and let’s say three months, four months, five months into the program something happened.

Your child decided to take band instead of doing karate or they decide that they just don’t have enough money or whatever happens to be. Family excuses it’s too hard to get the child there so they drop out. Well, that’s a good place to go back after and revisit and see if you can’t reactivate those people.

Of course the hardest people to get into your business and the way you expand it the best is to get new customers. Of course they are a little more costly then the up-sell or brining in a lost customer that already knows who you are and how good a job you do, but it can be done to bring the new customer in.

That’s kind of where my forte is and what my specialties are and we’re going to tell them about some of that stuff a little later.

Mike D.: Okay, and just to comment on that I think you hit the nail right on the head and I know you’ve been seeing what we’ve been doing with our marketing and with the martial arts schools in general so you hit the nail right on the head. You mentioned things can be costly, can you drive home the importance of having good numbers and how someone can maybe get a quicker ROI on any marketing campaign.

Dean K.: I hate to say this again, Mike, but you’re breaking up on me.

Mike D.: What I was saying was how important is it to have the numbers correct meaning those transaction sizes and what would you recommend for our listeners to quickly recoup an investment in any kind of marketing?

Dean K.: Well, of course I’m a Dan Kennedy person so I believe that all marketing should be brutally and honestly measured. I also believe that all marketing works, it’s just what’s the cost, what’s the dollar effect and you kind of hit it. What can you afford to spend because marketing is truly all in the dollars? How much can you afford to spend to get a new client through the door?

So, that’s where your ROI comes in and most people don’t take time to figure that out; oh I can spend $50 or $40 or $100 or $300 to get a client through a door, so it’s pretty interesting. Dan Kennedy and I are doing a biz op together and we’ve already figured out we’re willing to spend $5000 to get a client.

So, I can do all sorts of outrageous things and much better marketing if I’ve got a budget of 5,000 than if I have a budget of 50 cents. So, in your business in the karate school, if they can afford to spend $40 or $50 or $100 to get a new client in there, then you can do some really exciting things that nobody else can do or nobody else will do because they go, oh my goodness I’ve spent $8 or $10 to bring in a new client.

Who cares if they’re giving you $4,000 or $5,000? Maybe they should be spending $300 to get a new client. What’s your client worth to you? Do the math because good marketing still comes down to math. I think some of the things that I’ve done for you personally, I think you know your math and are trying to teach this to your karate schools if I’m not mistaken.

Mike D.: Yeah, and like you said the math added up and it worked and that’s what’s most important and I learned a lot from you and I learned from Dan.

Dean K.: Did I answer that question for you or did I go round the barn on it?

Mike D.: No totally and you hit the nail on the head because I think it’s something that we’re trying to really convey to our members and our clients is that, you know, you’ve got to get that hat trick.

Dean K.: Well, I do know this, that if they don’t have a system in place that can be honestly and brutally measured and also a system in place where they say, I need seven new clients every month to stay ahead of the game, and I think that’s where you come in with your system. That your system ties things so that you can say okay if I send out this many then I’ll have so many people coming in because we have so many people moving in the United States you loose customers that way.

16% to 28% of the population moves every year depending on where you’re located, so you’re going to loose a certain amount of clients that way. Then because of family circumstances and especially here, like I’m from Michigan and if everybody knows our economy is about the worst in the state. We’ve like an 8.2% unemployment so because of family circumstances, guys leaving their jobs, getting downsized, not working 60 hours only working 30 hours, just all those things, moving out of state, they loose a lot of people just from family activities.

Then of course age-wise the kids go up in the line, they start at four and then when they get 12 they get interested in girls or the girls get interested in the boys you know, and they go, Oh well I don’t have time for this I’d rather be a cheerleader or I’d rather be a football star.

Of course the worst scenario is that all the other schools out there that compete against them are trying to steal away your clients and tell them that their school is the best school.

Mike D.: I’m convinced totally on why we need new people. I think we always need new people coming in doors. So, I would say now what? I mean what is the most important strategy used to acquire new customers? Should people be thinking yellow pages, ads in the paper, radio, etcetera, what do you think on that?

Dean K.: Well, as I said before they all work. It’s a math scenario and Bill Glazer says diversity leads to stability and I like that when it comes to marketing. So, you know, sometimes you can’t rely on just one way to do it. Some people are starting to rely on just the Internet and what happens is that if they decide to do the same thing that they did with calling, that there is going to be no more spamming, or there’s going to be no more unless the double opt-in to the Internet, you can’t talk to your people.

So, even if you’ve got their name and they’ve given it to you, if they decide they’re not double opt-in you can no longer send them emails. Congress is fooling around with that stuff right now and what happens if they decide we’re going to do like the Post Office does, for every email that goes out we’re going to start charging so now something that’s free can cost you a lot of money.

My whole theory is if you’re only relying on one method to get your new clients in and if that method gets taken away, you can be in a world of hurt. So, you should have the math doing it.

Now personally, and I’ve got a vested interest in this, is I love direct mail and the reason why I love it is because you can brutally and honestly measure everything. I can tell you within a penny how much you spend and how much you get in return. Again, going back to that math theory, that’s what it’s all about, how much can you spend and how much do you get back for what you’ve spent.

Mike D.: Right and I’ll second that. I mean I’m a big believer in direct mail too and one of the reason why is people can target. We’re encouraging our customers to do it. You can target someone who is likely to be able to afford your program. I’ve owned two schools and I’ve been in situations where the people you thought couldn’t afford it they could afford it and the people you thought could afford it for some reason couldn’t.

So, you’re always better off playing the odds and targeting people you know that may not be an issue and then if you scoop up the ones that also didn’t really fit the profile then that’s kind of cream on that top. So, can you target, really laser focus with direct mail too?

Dean K.: Yes. You broke up a little bit but I think what you asked me is whether or not you can target your people. One of the things that I try to tell everybody is you can have a mediocre offer, and we can talk about that a little later if you want, but it’s all in the list. I mean 70% to 80% of what you do is in the list and that’s why I prefer direct mail or direct marketing pieces over some of the other ones.

Like if I throw up a billboard anybody walking by sees the billboard they can call me even if they’re not the client that I don’t want cause everybody has in their business what they’re best client is. If they don’t they should think about it by the way. Who is their best client?

In your business let’s say that you know it’s families that make $100,000 or $80,000, own their own home. They have children between the ages of four and twelve years old. Maybe we could even tack on there they subscribe to self help magazines for the women, men’s health, women’s health so you can do all these demographics and you find out who your best person is so then you can afford to go out and spend more money because you’re not using a shotgun approach.

You’re using a rifle approach picking the best people that fit your profile to get that client in the door. If you do a mass mailer or you put it in the paper, 80 year olds and five year olds see it so it doesn’t do you any good on either spectrum. You know exactly who your best client it.

If it’s going to 30 year olds that are yuppies and no kids, do you think that they care about the karate school?

Mike D.: Probably not.

Dean K.: Not probably. You might get one once in a while, and that’s okay too, but what you’re trying to is backing that old adage that 20% of the people out there will give you 80% of your business and that’s where you want to go, is you want to go for the 20%. Why go for a 100% when you know that 20% of them gave you 80% of the business. The math adds up much better.

Mike D.: Can you comment on this too. You talked about the typical profile of maybe a children and family type program, but if someone wanted to launch an adult women’s program or an adult self defense or an adult men’s fitness program, could they easily get that kind of program off the ground using your type of marketing and direct mail and finding those lists?

Dean K.: Yeah. That’s what’s so cool about it. Let’s say that you do want an adult and you know that right now everybody is looking at weight loss. So, let’s go after maybe you decide that you want an all women’s class and you’re going to aim it at not only health and fitness but weight loss.

So, let’s say that you find out that the women that are really interested in it are 35 to 45, still have kids at home and have an income of $80,000 and own their own home, then we can specifically go out and get those women in that age group in the area that you want because we do know that you don’t want to go more than five miles away unless you’re really destination out in the country some place.

So, we draw a five mile circle, a radius around your business, your school and then we would take all the women in that area and we’d go after them and the letter that we would write would talk about not only about health and fitness, but also about the weight loss capabilities because you’re more active and therefore you use more calories and therefore you loose a lot more weight.

You can get as specific as let’s say you wanted women that are diabetic, 35 to 45, you can do that now. So, you can launch just about any kind of program that you want if you get the right type of letter and your niching them down because as you and I well know, the tighter niche you can get the more you can speak to that group the better your response is.

Mike D.: Absolutely. I find that most people have issues and they fall down with systems and marketing systems and implementing marketing systems. Can you comment on that and talk about that and how to get these types of programs and campaigns off the ground.

Dean K.: Let me talk a little bit about my systems and what I’m doing if you don’t mind. I’m not doing this as a commercial plug, hopefully they’ll get some really good ideas out of this, but my two systems that I’m using, and we had many, but the two systems we’re using right now are New Movers.

A lot of people say oh been there, seen it, done it, tried it, but they haven’t tried probably the way you and I have where we actually go specifically after the demographics of the people that we want with families, with kids and they’re four to twelve years old, and also that they own their own home and have money. Most of the times most new movers what they do is just go okay this guy moved in there, got ahead and mail them all. Well, that’s not the way we look at it.

Mike D.: Yeah, without interrupting you I’ll comment on that. When I first opened the new business I was solicited or I actually received, because I had just moved to the area too, so I received a couple of those coupons for new movers and welcome to the area and all that kind of stuff.

So, I actually called the company and then once they told me they cannot query the list down to a demographic search I said no thank you, thanks but no thanks. There was a senior living in the area too. I said, “I don’t want to target the seniors because I have a program for adults but I don’t have a program for seniors. Is there any way you can narrow it down?”

“No sorry we can’t do that but would you like to blah-blah-blah, we have a great special going on.” No, no thank you. That was my answer you know. So, how are you doing that cause now you’ve got my attention.

Dean K.: Well, I have a really good list company that I use and they’re pretty specific in what they do and I just found out that by using this company that they’re probably the best around. I can say that their deliverability is 95% so they have 5% on deliverability which is normally unheard of because most of the time it’s more like 80%, 85%, but these people guarantee 5% deliverability. I

Mike D.: 95.

Dean K.: I do the same things.

Mike D.: 95%.

Dean K.: So, I like what they do and we pull out all the [unclear 0:21:04] which a lot of people will say oh I can do demographics’ but they can’t pull out the renters. It’s not that renters don’t use your facilities and don’t have kids and that sort of thing, but if they move so quickly you can’t keep up to them and they’re in and out and that’s not what you’re looking for.

You’re looking for the person that can come in and spend a whole bunch of money with you over the next five to ten years and maybe for the rest of their life if they live in the community forever.

I find out talking to a lot of you karate guys that you form very close relationships with your people because they are there about two, three times a week or at least once week over a long period and it’s like your dentist. Once you find somebody that you really like you’re going to stay with them forever. You’re not going to jump over to another karate school.

Mike D.: As far as elaborating a little bit more on the systems and putting them in place.

Dean K.: Let me tell you the second system, and everybody is going to say wow, what are you talking about, we have a birthday program that we actually go out and find the birthday month. Now we can’t of the kids but we can of the parents. It sounds outrageous but I mean what we do is we usually make an offer for them to come in.

Now we haven’t been doing that a lot with you because like I said we can’t find the children. We can find the age of the children now so if we want four to eight year olds or four to six year olds we can be very niche-y there, and I think we do some of that for you but it’s more of a general letter rather than a birthday letter.

So, we’ve kind of expanded what we do for you the normal, but the systems are the same and I don’t know who first set it and it might have been Dan or he might have picked it up from Gary Hilbert or one of those, but good marketing is good marketing. So, it doesn’t matter, you know.

I can take my marketing piece that works for restaurants and automotives and chiropractors and dentists and veterinarians and bring it all the way in into your group of people to bring in your new clients because good marketing is good marketing.

It’s the way the pieces are done that makes it so unusual and I’m willing to tell your group if you want right from the beginning to the end exactly everything that I do. If they’re doing direct mail pieces now they can take my ideas and use them exactly the way that I tell them to do it.

Mike D.: I’ll comment on that as well. We have about, I don’t know if it’s now ten or twelve or something like that, but more than enough of pieces that basically you showed me the format. We put our heads together a little bit on copy and I adapted them to my school and then I adapted them for the martial arts business.

So, we constantly update that and we add, I think, one or two month. I work closely with Shannon on different pieces and I make it customizable for our clients for their martial arts school for kids or adults. So, there are plenty of samples. I don’t know if you knew about that but there are plenty of samples on our site to where someone can easily put a campaign together.

Now, let me back up just a tad. You mentioned about the birthday scenario. Obviously we could do that. We could customize a campaign for adults for someone that is targeting adults and I would just kind of really put my thinking cap on, on what to offer them for their birthday because it’s not like going out to dinner.

I think what would be really cool, though, and Bret and I, my partner, we would definitely be wiling to test that and see how it works with adults. But what they could do with kids, all of our members if they don’t they should and they should be ashamed if they don’t, they know all of their students’ birthdays. So they have 100 or 200 or 300 students, they have 200 birthdays right there.

The other thing they can do, it will take a little more grunt work, but they can get their birthdays of their friends. So when they actually do their own birthday parities and they get ten or twelve guests, what they can do is they can collect permission slips. We have a very easy system that collects permission slips and get everybody’s contact info that shows up at any events that you do. All you got to do now is add to your permission slip ‘date of birth’.

I’m kicking myself in the butt because I built up my own 800 plus names mailing list within about two months from all the hustle and bustle I was doing and meeting people and getting their contact info and building my own list. I kick myself now because I didn’t have that little section on there, date of birth.

So, these are easy ways to actually get these kinds of things going with kids. So, they can use their in-house list, if they have birthdays on their in-house list, not necessarily a list that they go purchase but their in-house list.

So, I look forward to getting some of that information and getting that available to our members too. Does that make sense?

Dean K.: Absolutely. I mean it’s so simple especially with young kids to get their birthdays. I can tell you what I would do in two seconds. I’d send out a postcard to everybody that was on my list that I didn’t have their birthday and it would be oversize of course because you know me with 6 x 111/2 postcards.

I’d send it to the parent and I’d say, “We’re in the process of having birthday parties for all of our kids. Oh by the way we don’t have your child’s birthday.” The major thing you want to tell them is we will not sell or use your name except for us. So, we will not give any of you information away to anybody guaranteed, 100% stab me to death let me bleed out on the pavement if we give it away, that sort of thing.

So, they need to qualify and really let the people know that they’re only using this for in-house and so that they know when Johnny or Beth’s birthday so that a month and a half before, because they want to do it a month and a half two months before, and let them know, “Hey we do birthday parties. Here’s what we do, we bring them in, bring in your kids.”

I tell everybody that Dan and Bill have taken up a million dollar ideas but I’ve got lots of $10,000 ideas. To me that is a $10,000 idea with making sure that you get the permission slips and have everybody sign who comes in for the birthday parties that all the other kids tell them when their birthday is and get the permission of the parent.

Mike D.: So I think that would be an easy one to get up and running but like I said there’s a ton of samples already. I know you haven’t really been on our site because you have no reason to be there, but we have…

Dean K.: Well, you keep updating. I’ve been on your site but you keep updating it so quick on me I can’t keep up with it.

Mike D.: Hey, I try to be prolific here. Let’s talk about, and this is something that I’ve talked about on my programs I publish for martial arts school, but talk about real quick before we wrap things up, ‘A’ pile, ‘B’ pile and sneak up approach.

Dean K.: ‘A’ pile, ‘B’ pile?

Mike D.: Yes, yes.

Dean K.: Okay. It was hard for me to hear what you said so I’m sorry.

Mike D.: No, I’ve [unclear 0:29:04] connection.

Dean K.: A couple of things that everybody on this call should know and it came from Gary Hilbert back 20 years, 30 years ago. He talks about everybody does this A pile, B pile mail. Here is what we mean by ‘A’ pile. ‘A’ pile mail is all the bills, the letters from grandma, all those good things that you want to see. Well, maybe the bills aren’t such a good thing but anyway we have to see them.

And then the ‘B’ pile mail, and people actually do this, all the junk mail, it’s all that garbage that you get through, and I’ve seen people where they throw up the litter, the garbage can and before they go in the house they sort that way and they just throw it away in the garbage then walk in the house with the ‘A’ pile mail.

So, if you don’t get on that ‘A’ pile mail to be opened and read you have absolutely no chance of them, of your client, whoever it might be, or your new client, even becoming a client because what they’ve done is they’ve thrown it away and they’ve walked into the house with the ‘A’ pile mail and the ‘B’ pile mail is in the garbage.

There are some things that you can do, and here are some $10,000 ideas for your clients, is there are some things that you can do to make sure you get in the ‘A’ pile and here is what I personally do. We use nothing but oversized commemorative stamps and we put them on crooked. Why do we do that? Because if you go to a mail house they all use the flag stamps because they come on great big rolls and they can do it automatically.

So, we don’t want to look like that even if it’s first class mail. By the way I do nothing but first class mail and I suggest that everybody else, even when you use postcards, do not use pre-sorted mail with an [unclear 0:31:10], use a real live stamp. Do not use the bell stamp that you can use that’s good forever, use a different color stamp and there’s lots of commemorative stamps out there.

So, that’s the first place and the second thing that we do is we actually use a laser printer and as you well know we take and we actually cork the name on there that we’re printing out and we indent it so it looks like it’s hand written.

If you’ve ever seen the inkjets they’re all square printers and they’re all square letters and they all look the same. Well, guess what that does? That tells you right away that it’s not sneak up mail. It’s not going to get in the ‘A’ pile, it’s going to get in the ‘B’ pile because that’s exactly what junk mail looks like with an inkjet printer and square.

Why is it? Well, let me put this way, if I have an inkjet printer I can do as fast, believe it or not, as 200 pieces a minute. With my laser printer it’s 36. You see the difference and why the bulk guys and the guys that want to do this, they want to use the inkjet because it does it so quickly, okay.

So, now we’ve got something that looks like a hanging written font and then the [unclear 0:32:36] finish it off. Most people want to put their return address and who it’s from and it’s ‘Billy’s Karate School’. You don’t want that in there. You want to take that out because if they see it’ Billy’s Karate School’ and they have no propensity to know who you are, it, I don’t care you can do everything else right, it’s still going in the junk mail.

Because why do I want karate school, I don’t, boom it’s gone. So, we leave that blank up there or only put the return address and there’s a reason why we do that too. It’s because we want them to get opened and then when they open it we’ve got a really cool letter, it’s all personalized.

You never want to say, “Dear friend,” “Dear Neighbor,” whatever it is. You want to personalize it and that’s another thing about getting a really exact list. You get their first name, their last names so now you can personalize it outside the envelope. I forgot to say that by the way.

It would say to ‘John Smith’ or ‘Mike Dolpies’. It wouldn’t say to just residents or it wouldn’t say to occupant or any of that stuff.

Mike D.: Yeah, absolutely.

Dean K.: So, there’s the letter, then you can open it up, you get a letter in there and usually some type of gift certificate. The reason why we do a big high gloss gift certificate is because we give them a short period of time to act on it as you well know. I know you teach this, that if it doesn’t have an urgency to it, it doesn’t get done.

The reason why we put in a gift certificate in there is because we found out this, that if it’s just with the letter, the letter is so bulky they throw the letter around, but if we have a gift certificate where does everybody put things? They go to the refrigerator, take their magnet and they stick it on there so they look at it every time they open the refrigerator door. So, that’s ‘A’ pile, ‘B’ pile main and how you do it to get there.

Mike D.: Well, that was awesome. I mean I was literally taking some notes there as you were speaking because that was some really good information that we can all use. Moving forward because we’re just about out of time for you and I, but moving forward with our client. We have a lot of samples on our site, what’s the best the way that they could get up and running?

Obviously you never stop therefore I never stop because we’re always being very prolific in putting pieces together and everything that you mentioned I frequently speak and talk about. I grew up about 40 miles from Atlantic city and when we were young kids, boys, teenage boys we couldn’t wait till we were able to go, we used to say down but it was really kind of across.

We’d go down to Atlantic City to gamble. We all looked forward to the day we were able to do that without getting carted and I learned pretty quickly that the odds were against me so I didn’t really go that route, so what I believe in doing is stacking all the odds in your favor.

I think a lot of the information you gave us, I mean you can really just up someone’s response rate and percentage rate. I guess I’m a raving fan as I mentioned in your intro, but what have you seen some response rates for some of your clients in different categories of business, before we wrap up. Because that’s the question I’m going to get Dean is what kind of response rates.

Dean K.: I think I heard some of it but not all of it. Again I’m hoping that this recording turns out well because you’re breaking up on my end but that doesn’t mean the recording might not. So, please forgive you and I ask forgiveness to your clients as well. I think you asked me about the response rate.

Mike D.: Right. So, in some of the different categories of business you’ve worked in, because I’m going to get this question. I’m going to get, “Mike I want to work with Dean but what kind of response rates can I expect?” I have my own answer to that question but I’d like to hear from you.

Dean K.: I do too and here it is, you’re asking the wrong question. You’re absolutely asking the wrong question. The question should be what do my IROs look like, what is my return on investment. Now, I will get around to that but that’s where it gets back to the math. It shouldn’t matter whether if we send out 400 mailers and you only get four back that it was a 1% response rate.

The question is, did you get four back and each of those customers are worth $4,000 each so that’s worth $16,000. So, it cost me $600 to mail those out or $700 to mail those out so let me see. You gave me $700, you got $16,000 in return, is it worth the investment.

Mike D.: I would say yes.

Dean K.: So, I tell people to be more concerned with their ROI than they are. You know what Dan Kennedy would tell them don’t you? Mail more. I mean as long as the ROI works out right, the thing is mail more. Are there ways that you can tweak it to increase it? Yes. If I only got 1% very honestly I would be a little upset cause I like to see us with you guys be anywhere from 3% to 8%.

Restaurants I like to see be 12% to 18%, automotive people I like to see from 8% to 10%. Now, my dentistry people usually 2%. Are they happy with that?? Heck yes. Their dollars add up very nicely.

Mike D.: So do ours, so do ours. If the [unclear 0:39:03] numbers are right and the retention is right and the asking for referrals is right and the closing percentage is right, which if you follow everything on our site it will all be right, yeah the dollars could add up.

As we wrap this up, I strongly encourage everyone to think about the kind of ROI they want and get in contact with Dean. Remember we have several samples. We have some adult samples, we have family programs and kid programs samples and Dean has his own little category with his email address on our site. So you can go there and you can look at those, but also like I said, we’re constantly tweaking and adding new things and they’re just really samples to turn you on to what we can do for you together.

Now, I work together obviously with any client on the copy and getting the right copy for martial arts school, and that’s something that I do. All the copies that I’ve put out there have been proven and work so that’s where we come in. Then you can come in guiding someone through that campaign as they’re working with you.

So, were there some special things that you might do if someone mentioned there that they are an NA Biz Secret Society Member? Obviously they have to mention that to get any of our free done stuff or else they can’t use it. So, all of our members that are listening to this can you just mention that to Dean and then he’ll verify with us.

Is there anything that we can do for them because I think we’re in early September here and obviously they can use you any time but they need to really get some marketing ramped up. So, I want them to actually contact you as quickly as possible, like right after hearing this. So, what can you do for them for contacting you pretty quickly?

Dean K.: I’ll tell you what, here’s what I’m going to do for your members. You’re telling me this goes out 1st of September so they’ve got like a week or two to listen to it? Is that what I’m hearing?

Mike D.: Well, it’s going to be on our site forever of course and they can contact you, but right now this is initially being published in early September here because it’s the fall season, it’s the back to school season, it’s the get back in your routine season if you’re targeting adults. So, I think that the time is urgent that they contact you.

Dean K.: Right. If they’ll contact me after you put this up in the next whenever it goes up, and you tell me when, I will give them 300 free mailers. Now, they pay for the postage but I will do the 300 free mailers.

Mike D.: Okay, printing [unclear 0:41:52].

Dean K.: That’s a huge savings. That’s over $400 savings, right around there.

Mike D.: That’s great. So everyone who is listening to this when it’s first published, and like I said it’s going to be up there forever cause it is evergreen, but I did want to add this because I do think it’s very urgent that you move and it urgent that you move in September, it’s urgent that you move in October for your new client acquisition. It’s urgent that you move in November and then it’s extremely urgent that you move in January and in the spring.

So, I will be in contact with Dean, I’m always in contact with him, so any time that you are listening to this, that it’s December, January, whatever the case may be, contact Dean and I’m sure he’ll have something for you. But if you move now when we’re first releasing this, September 2008, you just heard it and to make sure I heard that correctly, it was 300 free on the printing side. Is that correct?

Dean K.: I can’t do better than that.

Mike D.: You really can’t. So, I really suggest that they contact you. So, Dean I really appreciate that you’re doing that for our members and what is the best way to contact you, can give that out right now?

Dean K.: Well, two ways. One is fax 517 546 2815. Say that you were listening to this and then we’ll have somebody get back with you. The other way is I have a new web site that’s just gone up and I have to laugh, it’s really rough but it’s doing its job. It’s called So, that’s

If they go there they can get all the information, put in their name and everything and I’ll just make sure that if I see it’s a karate school I’ll know where it’s coming from. It’s probably coming from you.

We’ll make sure that they get credit and again we’ll contact them. When we contact them personally they need to tell us hey, I listened to Mike Dolpies and I’m getting 300 free.

Mike D.: What we’ll do is we’ll put a link to that site. We have a recommendation section on our site and we’ll put a link to that right there for you so I’ll email you and we’ll get those links straight and all that stuff. Well great Dean. I really appreciate that.

I think Dean shared a lot of this great wisdom with us and like I said I strongly urge you to contact him right away to get your new customer and client campaigns going. I think his offer was extremely generous and again we work together on the copy. There are a lot of samples that Dean has done for us and there is a lot of proven pieces that have worked and have brought in good ROI. So I encourage everybody to jump on it.

All right Dean. Well, hey thanks a lot and we look forward to working with you for a very, very long time.

Dean K.: Okay, thanks Mike, I really appreciate it.

Mike D.: Yeah take care.

Dean K.: And you know what, tell all your members out there and I will, have a great marketing day.

Mike D.: Okay. Thanks Dean.

Dean K.: See you later.

Mike D.: Bye.

Dean K.: Bye.