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Martial Arts Business Awesome Mobile App Marketing Tricks to boost referrals…

By Mike D.

Everyone has an opinion about which features are best for your martial arts school mobile app.

And when it comes to the mobile apps we’ve been creating for schools the favorite features do vary.

Some like the push notifications so they can directly message their students.

Other martial arts business owner like the video integration so students can practice at home.

The fan wall where students can interact is nice too.

But I love two features because they go so well together…

1… Tell a Friend: This is “viral” sharing at its best. With one tap your students can share your martial arts business with their friends. They can share via text, email or social media.

2… Next… The Loyalty Function… This keeps track of anything you want. Think about it… Attendance Contests: It’s fun and easy to track these. Bring a Friend to Class: This can be tracked in the app… and each time a student brings a friend one gets marked off.

How about… Combining These Two?

I’m going to run the attendance and the referral contest, but I’m also going to add a twist…

We’re going to keep track and do a “share our app contest.”

We’ll keep track of the shares.

This is simple too.

Now… for students to share your school with their friends… it’s just a click on their phone.

Pretty sweet!

Go to the link below… then type “iphone” into the checkout so we can equip your app with these cool functions and build your iPhone/iPad app…

Martial Arts Business Mobile Apps (use link: )