Mobile Internet Marketing for Your Martial Arts Business

Some highlights of the talk I gave this past Saturday at the Member Solutions Business Building Bootcamp.

“The Second Coming of The Internet”

I opened my talk today with this quote (after a joke of course!)

“The illiterate of the 21st century is not the person who can’t read or write – it’s the person who chooses not to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn” – Alvin Toffler

Key Points-

The majority of your martial arts students, prospects and parents have smart phones.

They are using them more and more to research martial arts and other businesses

The Mobile Web is REALLY different from the traditional web.

The main thing is to have a martial arts mobile internet marketing site that displays perfectly and fits the small screen.

Vertical Navigation and Keeping things “Pithy”

Mobile web marking consists of…

Mobile Squeeze Pages and full Mobile Websites.

The web marketing strategy of the future will include both “regular and mobile website.”

Coding detects the mobile web browser and instructs the site to serve the “Mobile Version”

This dramatically increases the chances of your prospect becoming a student or at least ending up in your lead funnel!

(Skipping a few things)

Text Message Marketing – and Quick Response Codes

These are the best ways to engage someone instantly with their mobile device.

I ran the full room of school owners through a quick example.

If you were in the room and you’re getting this you already did this

If you haven’t done it yet I’ll send you a PDF version of my PowerPoint from Saturday–

go ahead and text…    giftfrommike to 90210  and you’ll see how it works.

Once you do that– you’ll get instructions on how to get the PDF

To wrap up the highlights…

The Mobile Web is gonna be huge and now is the time to think about how to take advantage of it– Don’t deny it!