More Martial Arts Business Upgrade and Renewal Tips

Upgrade/Renewal  Lesson – Are You Flying Southwest??

On our way back from Disney World we made our way through the Orlando Airport toward the Southwest Airlines’ gates. While making the trek from security I saw several young men and women standing around wearing Chase Bank shirts. They were peddling Chase Southwest Rewards credit cards.

After Jamie and I got the kids settled to wait for take-off I went to grab some lunch for us. Again I passed the “Chase People.” Being curious I slowed down to observe their operation. Here’s how it worked…

They’d open with a question… A “Yes Question”

The question was…

“Hi, Are you flying Southwest today?” Since the crew set up shop right on the out-skirts of the Southwest gates I’d guess about 75% of the answers were “Yes, I’m flying southwest!”

This basically opened the door for them to begin their pitch to get you to apply for the card.

Personally I don’t care much for being “pitched” something on my way to catch a plane either, but when your mind is open- you spot tips everywhere!

Before we get back to the “Persuasion Lesson” there’s also a marketing lesson…

The Joint-Venture between Southwest and Chase was based on targeting existing Southwest customers first. The goal for Southwest is to get the card into the hands of folks who have already flown with them to increase consumption.

This is sorta like your upgrade program in a way. It only gets revealed to students that are already in your school for at least a month. Of course there is some pre-framing in the enrollment – just enough so the upgrade is not a surprise.

But back to persuasion…

The “Yes Momentum” is really powerful.

And if it is being used by Southwest and Chase in a busy airport on weary travelers you can bet your black belt it works on happy students who want to train for the long-haul.

So the lesson…

Make sure in all of your upgrade conferences your first few questions can all elicit positive responses.

If you don’t get positive responses to your  first few questions you simply do not give the student an upgrade application.

But when the first upgrade conference goes well – you give them an application and about 95% of those will upgrade within a week or so.

Try it!

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Tis the season for upgrades and renewals!

Mike D.

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