More On Simplicity

 More on Simplicity


By: Mike Dolpies


We’re gonna dive into a little time management today and then give you a simple definition of “Self-Discipline.” (Pretty gutsy to talk self-discipline with martial arts school owners) 



“You should concentrate on doing the right things, rather than doing things right!”Peter Drucker. 


FYI- Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was a student of Drucker. 


And to paraphrase Robert Ringer, (you should read everything he has ever written).We all have a choice, we can spend our time editing commas and wrapping packages or we can spend our time on important, creative projects. The latter produces financial results; the former only produces high blood pressure and twitching. 


As school owners, it’s easy to find yourself at the office supply store 3 to 4 days per week. It’s easy to impulsively unpack the box of gear immediately after you hand the UPS guy (or girl, at my NJ school, it’s a women driver) back that fancy signing gizmo. 


The question you must ask yourself constantly-  


“What should I be doing right now that will bring me the best results at my school?” The answers should comeback… 


I can call past prospects.  


I can call and check in with my current students.   


I can brainstorm and qualify my current 12 month students for the upgrade and set appointments to talk to them. 


I can think of ways to work with my fellow merchants in my area or at least go drop off some passes to them. 


I can flip through my local chamber of commerce directory and find 10 business like day cares, music schools, art schools, dance schools, etc and go network with them and see how I can help them. 


I can drop in and introduce myself to the office personnel at the local elementary schools with a box of Dunkin Donuts Joe in hand. 


I can be surfing the “MA-Biz Secret Society” members only site and getting all the resources I need to get results! 


I can really keep going with the list and I’ll add more for you in the future. 


To wrap up today’s tip I want you to think of the letters S.T.P. 


NO, not the motor oil! 


It stands for See The People! If you need to go to the auto store and pick up a quart and put it where you can see it to remind you to get out there and see the people by all means do it! 


Talk to you soon! 


Self-Discipline- Acting on your intellect, rather and your emotions. Making every decision based on the long term ramifications rather than the short term pleasure or discomfort! 


BTW- Our next  Member’s Only call will be on Thursday April 3rd at 1PM EST. It’s one of our “Not The Usual Suspects” calls. I’d bet the farm that you don’t know the guy I’ll be talking to. Let me give you a little tease… The net profits at his school will amaze and inspire you!



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