new students for your martial arts business

Martial Arts Marketing to Bring 34 New Students to Your Martial Arts Business

I’ve been working with a few clients and our “head content contributor,” Master Lechtenberg, to iron out a solid “Back to School Martial Arts Marketing Plan.”

Here a few ideas we’ll be running with.

1- Media/Publicity

Back to school time is a perfect chance for you to score some media coverage around the subject of how to defeat bullies without violence.

Newspapers and Morning News Shows are receptive to story ideas.

Time your idea around a workshop for kids in the community for best results.

2- Being timely when working with schools and teachers.

We’ve found our “Goal Setting for Good Grades” talk really strikes a nerve during back to school time because it is so relevant.

In the beginning of the school year teachers are receptive to anything that will help “ensure a successful school year for their students.”

3- Now’s the time to get back in touch with those leads.

If you’re doing what you need to do in the summer you’ve got stacks of leads sitting there.

As a matter of fact, we all have prospects that have not converted.

If you’ve been savvy about it– now’s the time to use some good email and direct mail marketing to those targeted lists.

You can also link your direct mail to Mobile Landing pages using QR Codes

4- Fun special events.

We are looking to do something around “Do It” day to inspire our families and friends to take action on their goals.

We’ll also do something around “Women of Achievement Month.”

With special events you need to give them a “good reason!”

5- Adult Fitness

Timing couldn’t better for some targeted direct mail and savvy internet marketing to bring some adults in.

All in all we’ve got 18 or so things on our list.

We estimate some will get us 1 or 2 students while others will bring in 3 or 4. Some will get 0!

But our target is 34 New Students for the 6 Week Back to School Season.

I hope this helps.

If you want some concrete guidance including, plans, promo materials, videos and education join us for 10 bucks and “Crush It” this back to school season right here…

Martial Arts Back to School Plan – Click Here