Overlooked social media platform for martial arts business owners

When I polled some martial arts business owners about social media my stats showed that most were using Facebook, some were using Twitter and Facebook & some were using Youtube.

Here’s the non-scientific breakdown…

All were using Facebook personally to talk about their schools. Meaning, they were using their personal profile to talk business. Not a big deal- since the line between work and play is non-existent for most passionate school owners.

Then– there were some who were doing OK with their martial arts marketing “Facebook Business Page” and a few doing really well with it.

Some were using Twitter to post quick updates and thoughts.

A few were wisely doing video blogs with Youtube. Foolishly, MORE should have answered YES to this one.

Funny, No mention of LinkedIn?

Amazing and down-right INSANE when you consider that LinkedIn is THE business social media platform.

I am starting to embrace LinkedIN more and more and I WISH I got started sooner.

Overtime, I’ll reveal what works to our subscribers and especially our Business System Members.

One thing to do right away is to create a profile.

Then, look for some local networking groups. Just go to the “Groups” tab and search.

The fact is there are networking groups all around you. And chances are there’s a good one that’s based in your area already on LinkedIN. Join it and begin adding value.