The Simple Strategy For Growing
Your Martial Arts School... Now...

Dear Martial Arts Business Owner,

There are 2 Things Your School Needs to Grow...

- Your School Must Create Students.
- Your School Must Keep Students

I trust you can handle the job of “keeping students” once you get them.

I know it's not easy, but you pour your heart into it and that's what matters most!

So let's focus on...

Creating Students

There are a ton of things you can do each month to bring in new students...

  • Referrals
  • Events
  • Grass-Roots Marketing
  • Print
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Internet Marketing

Some of these things you can get help with. Others you simply have to go out and do.
After all... No one can do your push-ups for you!

So Let's Discuss a Few Areas Where Help Can Be Right At Your Finger Tips... And It's Only a Matter of Asking...


Your website should be generating leads!

Did you know that 70% of prospects who use a search engine will take some action within 1 month.
Did you know 70% of prospects who search via a mobile device will take action within 1 hour?
But if your Website not producing because it's not set up for lead generation – YOU LOSE!

Getting Your Website to really Rock is the first step of
a solid Online Marketing Game-Plan.

You really have to tighten EVERYHTING UP!

  • The Marketing Text/Copy
  • The Visual Look and Feel

Building a Lead-Generating Machine is Key!

“Local SEO” is Next.

After all... if your site is not found, nothing really matters. Traffic is a MUST.

A Solid Local SEO Game-Plan Will Ensure Your School is Found Easily By Your Best Prospects.

It doesn't matter how they access your website... Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone...
As long as Your Site is Built Using Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design  Guarantees a Great Look that Works on Every Screen!

Now That You've Got Some Leads and Prospective Students – What's Next??

You Have to Relentlessly Follow Up!
You've heard it before right?

"It takes 2 to 7 Contacts Before Someone Will Consider Doing Business With You"

Actually... in our world of mass-distraction it's much more.

To Put It Bluntly..

Most people Don't Enroll in Your School Because They Simply FORGET ABOUT YOU!

You're not staying on the top of their mind.

You don't stand a chance of competing for their attention.

But there's hope...

The Secret is Having a Follow Up Marketing System for Every Aspect of Your School.

When you have a follow-up system for every aspect of your school – you'll be able to...

  • Get More New Students
  • Make More Money
  • Get More Referrals
  • Get More Upgrades
  •  Be Less Stressed
  • Be Confident No Leads Were Slipping Through The Cracks

What makes up a good martial arts
marketing follow up system?

Content and Delivery!

The Content Must Be Produced and Delivered to Your Best Prospects...

Let's break down the key systems you need...

Web Lead Follow Up

Face it! Not all website leads are ready to come in. This system follows up to get them in. It follows up with timely, relevant and informative content.

Introductory Lesson Confirmation

When you invite someone in to try your intro class confirmation is key. A confirmation system helps solidify their commitment. But of course, a no-show is always possible. That's why a system for the “No-Show” is key..

The No Show

Yep - It happens all the time. People don't show up for their intros. Too many school owners miss out because they simply forget about these super-hot leads. Staying in touch with No-Shows can make a huge difference.

Special Event Leads

A lot of school owners are good at doing special events. But what happens to all those leads? Most are forgotten about! All those forgotten leads  represent future black belts that will NEVER Be.

The Non-Enrolled Student

Sometimes an intro comes in and for whatever reason does not sign up. Maybe they tell you they'll be back, but then they never show up for their first group lesson. What do you do? Sadly, most school owners forget about them. Turning “on the fence” prospects into students takes follow-up marketing.

Over the many years I've been working with martial arts business owners, one thing I've learned is they are UNIQUE. No two schools are alike.

That's why it's so important that your marketing be customized for your school. No Cookie-Cutter Stuff! It does not work.

What else...

Email Marketing

Email is a marketing lynch-pin over-looked and often done incorrectly.

Implementing a Solid Email Marketing Campaign will play a key role in your school's overall marketing. The time to start is now. But starting correctly is the secret.

Internet Marketing and Local SEO

A strategy to make sure your site ranks well on Google & Bing and Stays There!

Some schools will need this and others don't. It really depends on your area and the number of competing schools near you.

Content Marketing

Your School's Website is a Valuable Tool That's Not Being Used Properly.

When you re-launch your website is the time to embrace “Content Marketing.” Most schools miss out on this powerful marketing ace because they are not systematic about it. Content marketing is a way to showcase your expertise, your value, and to open a wide window into your school. This window exists online. Content Marketing becomes the ongoing “story-line” of your school.

Facebook Updates

Visuals and Words. The Two Keys to an On-Going Facebook Marketing Strategy.

The truth is you should never out-source this 100%. But you can get help. Again, it comes down to having a solid system. A system for engagement and sharing. A system to turn Facebook Users into Students.

Ongoing Consulting, Coaching and Business Training

When you have questions about your school's marketing who do you turn to? There are plenty of places to go... networks, Facebook Groups. It's all good. You just have to be careful. It's wise that you turn to someone who has a vested interest in your success.

If you're working with us as part of our Platinum Program you can bet we have a vested interest in your success. We're here to help you and guide you.. Martial Arts Business System Platinum Gives You Monthly Phone Access and Weekly Email Access.

When you add all of this up you end up with a Strategy, a Game-Plan and  a System for a Holistic Approach to Online Marketing and School Growth.

The fact is there's more than enough “information” and “how-to” resources available to schools these days.

What's lacking is planning and execution. It's planning and execution that lead to real success.

It's getting the help you need to do everything you need to do and STILL have the energy to teach good classes that's key.

By now – you've guessed it...

We Can Help You IMPLEMENT all this.

That's the magic of Martial Arts Business System Platinum.

Be Warned...

It's not for everyone...

It's not for schools that are strictly “One-Man/Woman Operations.”

Why? Because only a team of two or more can actually benefit from the kind of help we give you.

No offense... but if it's “just you,” you are not ready for this.

It is for serious school owners  with one to five employees who want to enhance and build a real martial arts business.

Qualification is Done Via Interview.

The First Step is For You To Request Our Martial Arts Marketing Audit.

We'll take an in-depth look at your school's marketing and online presence.

We'll create a custom report with over-looked areas that are holding you back.

We'll be able to see your many strengths too.

Fill in the form and let's see if Martial Arts Business System Platinum is right for you...

This report is complimentary. It is a way for us to find out more about you before we can determine if we can accept you as a client for our Martial Arts Business System Platinum Program.

Talk to You Soon,

Mike D.



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