posting a schedule on your martial arts school business marketing website

The questions  about martial arts business marketing come in frequently around here.

All types.

I really can’t and won’t answer them in detail directly. I reserve detailed answer energy for clients.

But occasionally I will take a question and repackage it for you so you can learn a little somethin-somethin.

A recent one – very fundamental so I admire the ballz it takes to ask it.

It was really long-winded so I’ve narrowed it down.

“Should I post my class schedule on my website?”

He went on…

“I find that people will call asking for the schedule but they seam irritated it is not on there – what should I do?”

OK – how should I take this?

Of course you DO NOT want people calling your martial arts school business when they are in an irritated state.

Much better to have them be “curious and open-minded” about how you can help them but not irritated!

I learned from a guy named Oren Klaff, this is called “Frame Control.”

The short answer is NO – you really don’t want to have your schedule on your website. Why?

Well – it comes down to something you “already know” (but yet you aren’t doing).

You learned in how to answer the phone school that you need to control the conversation. You also learned how most “prospects” really only know a few things they “think” they should ask a martial arts school.

1- How much?

2- When are classes?

If you need more help on controlling the persuasive process I would recommend…

Martial Art of Selling

Back to the questions…

You can actually answer these two questions on your website without answering them in detail – causing the prospect to go away.

The fact is…

If you give them detailed information about your scheduling and prices on your website without establishing value via a live trial lesson most will NOT come in.

Why – you’ve given them way too much to think about. They end up overloaded.

See – when we design websites for both desktop and mobile our job is to play into what’s going on in the prospect’s mind.

We know they simply want to “accomplish a task and get back to whatever they were doing.”

That’s why we present them the site in a way that gives them enough info about “how much” and “when” WITHOUT causing them to go on overload. You end up with a happy lead not an angry one.

9 out of 10 times when we run our 48 Point Web Marketing Check Ups we find most sites miss this key element.

It is also very clear that most martial arts marketing sites that do a good job generating leads do not have full schedules listed.