Powerful Lessons in Ethical Persuasion for Your Martial Arts Business

I’ll admit – I was being a bit of a Facebook creeper.

No – I was stalking anyone.

But I happened across the profile of a former martial arts business associate.

Before I get to the creeping – a little background.

Over the course of ten and a half years I owned two martial arts schools

One from 1998 to 2006 and the other from early 2007 to mid 2008.

Both were sold when life told me it was time to move on.


I saw a “wall-post” from a parent.

A guy I got to know very well over the course of almost five years.

His kid started in “Little Ninjas” and eventually received his black belt.

This kid was shy. He was young and not very athletic. So confidence was an issue too.

Of course martial arts is not about “natural athletic talent.”

But what I remember most about this kid was his dad.

His dad “trained before.”You know how that goes, right?

Exactly … most of the time it makes for UN-realistic expectations.

But after a year or so he finally came around and stopped the crazy talk.

His kid was doing OK.

But he was the kinda kid who was never going to be “gung-ho” about classes.

You know the type.

In these cases the parents are so – so important to their success.

I became somewhat close to the dad.

Because we had things in common?

Not really – just his kid.

I became close to him because I had so many conversations with him about NOT letting his kid quit!

This kid wanted to quit so many times within a two-year period I lost count.

He had many “low-points” in his training.

But at one of his high-points I enrolled him on “Black-Belt Club.”

His dad was hesitant but made the commitment.

During many of these conversations with his dad I thought the kid would be lost.

The dad was so close to “giving up!”

The talks helped!

Each time he came back stronger.

And eventually the “he wants to quit conversations” stopped.

His Facebook post – that I was “creeping on.”

Him telling one of my former instructors about how good his kid is doing, getting ready for college and how he really credits his training with shaping his future.

Wow! That’s worth the price of admission isn’t it?

And isn’t impact like that which makes it worth your while to learn how to be persuasive?

You can be a master at Martial Arts Marketing, but if you can not enroll a student your martial arts business will not grow.

In fact – if you have something that good and don’t have the skills to help your “future success stories” enroll and commit to your programs you are doing everyone a HUGE dis-service.

I learned to be persuasive and was able to enroll 9 out of 10 intros.

Here’s how…

1- A ton of experience.

I learned my first “phone script” (what to say on the phone) when I was 15 years old.

Three years later I was taking phone call inquires at my first little martial arts business.

I was doing intros and enrolling students from day one. Learning what to say – what not to say.

Even if your programs are dirt cheap martial arts is still something your prospects need to be convinced of.

Scheduling, sticking with it, “will this really work for us?” Prospects have a way of talking themselves out of your training if you don’t handle the intro process correctly.

Retention… I have had so many of the “he wants to quit” chats. Of course – you can’t win ’em all but I have won my share!

2- I kept learning. I have always studied “the greats!” Zig, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins and others. Self-education and then applying the new-found knowledge will make you “super-sharp.”

3- Be convinced yourself. This is key – the reason you keep learning and do your best to enroll everyone is because you KNOW how great your program is!

Make it work!

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