Real Life Monopoly for Your Martial Arts Business

Remember the game Monopoly?  What was the object??

To Dominate!

It’s funny that there’s a real life monopoly (well close to it) that you can achieve…

It’s Page 1 Google / Search Engine Dominance.

So here’s another quick tip…

Dealing With The New Schools…

Chances are you’re not the only school trying to dominate the first page of Google in your area. And  if you are it won’t be long until someone else shows up.

The point is…

DO NOT  rest. If you are ranking high (and hopefully ranking multiple times) you can bet your black belt that someone will knock you off your high-horse. That’s if you rest!!!

Why does this happen??

1- Other schools in the area who are clued in and tweaking their sites while you’re resting will take you down. That’s why you can’t rest!


2- Search engines like Google are always changing their algorithms.

The answer is to stay on your A game or get someone to help you.  Or both, stay on your A Game and Get Help!

I tell all of our Web and Search engine clients that while we are at it behind the scenes working toward and maintaining Google page 1 dominance they can do things like blogging and getting as many incoming links as they can.

So good luck with your Monopoly!

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