Feedback for your martial arts business website

2012 has got to be the year you kick your online marketing up a few notches.

After all, there are martial arts schools all over the world who get leads from their websites.

Their websites work because they are applying some key strategies that you might be missing.

Over the years I’ve offered no charge critiques of websites.

But now I’m doing something a little different to help you kick off 2012.

It’ll be doing a live webinar where I’ll share my screen with you as we go through your site and few others. I’ll reveal key strategies that each site is missing.

We’ll have an interactive session from the comfort of our own offices. It’ll be a barrel of monkeys for sure.

Here’s what to do…

Fill in the form below.

Registration means also submitting your site for the class.

Here’s what you’ll get…

A live and complimentary webinar. You just sit back, watch and listen as I go through each site and give you several customized ideas to enhance your online marketing.

And don’t worry, if you happen to miss the live one – it will be recorded. But if you miss the live one you won’t be able to ask questions.

OK, nuf said. Here’s the form…

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The date is Wednesday, Jan 4th at 1PM Eastern –  12 Central — 11AM Moutain and 10AM on the west coast.