room for your martial arts business marketing

Is there room left over for your martial arts business marketing?

To grow your martial arts business requires constant marketing and the ability grab attention and then follow up.

I’ve been watching the NHL playoffs just about every night for the past three weeks.

I’m not sure if you’re a sports fan or not, but if you’ve ever caught the “wrap up” of a sports broadcast you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

A few minutes after the game is over and just seconds before the broadcasters sign off most of the time you get a camera shot of the crowd exiting the arena.

Massive amounts of people heading to their cars returning to reality.

They’re spending half of their thought energy on the game they just watched and the other half on the mundane details of their busy and hectic lives.

100% thought energy is being used.

Guess What…

Whether they’re leaving a game, driving to work, running errands or heading out to dinner 100% of their thought energy is still focused on the immediate and “urgent” matters of life.

What’s left over after 100% has been used up?

Not much!

And that’s the space you get to occupy in their minds.

Along with every other person, business or company who wants their attention.

This, my friend, is the major challenge and the most fun part of being in business.

How are you going to get through to this “moving parade?”

Sometimes you can slip in amongst the crowd via a referral.

Other times you’ll have to do something that catches their attention at the right time and makes them head off in your direction.

Once they’re coming your way – you’ll have to keep them coming.

Every once in a while you do something so amazing – they’ll head your way in multiples.

Occasionally one, two or three will decide all by themselves to leave the parade for a few minutes and seek you out (along with other options). If your message is compelling and your offer on target they’ll choose you.

Sometimes they’ll contact you and then seemingly vanish.

They haven’t vanished. And even though you think they’re totally flaky, they’re not! (well maybe a little!)

They just realized how paying attention to you right now is not going to work.

This moment is where you need reliable marketing systems to carve out your little space in the room of what’s left after the 100%.

Here’s something for you to give you a few ideas about how to occupy that little space.

It’s a video I put together.

Here’s what happens when you take action on the advice of the video…

You can request your copy here…

“Martial Arts Marketing Video”