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“A Room Full Of School Owners Laughed When I Said
They Could Easily Enroll 93% Of Their Intros After
Just 1 Lesson Without Overcoming Objections
Or Using Any High Pressure Sales Techniques…

But Their Laughter Changed To Amazement
When I Showed Them How…”

Dear School Owner, Instructor, or Program Director,

Do you encounter any of these nagging problems when trying to enroll new students??

Prospects who don’t show up for their second lesson.

Prospects who want to “think about it.”

Prospects who need to “check with their husbands and wives.”

Prospects who feel like you’re trying to sell them your classes instead of them selling you on letting them join.

Prospects who don’t “have the money right now.”

Kids that are not sure they want to do martial-arts.

Prospects who have “no time for your lessons.”

Feeling like you need a student more than they want your lessons.

Prospects drilling you on “how much” your lessons cost before you’re ready to tell them.

Prospects who are concerned about getting “locked into a       contract.”

Being forced to reveal the price of your program over the phone and then having to defend it.

If you answered YES to any of these stay with me..because…

You’re gonna find out how easy it is to say goodbye to these 11 problems and objections forever!

How I Accidently Discovered A SECRET Intro Lesson Formula That Will Cause 93% of Your Prospects To Say YES To A Full 12-Month Contract On Their First Visit In Just 47 Minutes, Guaranteed!"

And Works For Any Style Or Curriculum

Because after you’re done with this you’ll never have to deal with any of those nagging problems ever again.

It’s so simple that you’re gonna kick yourself in the butt for not doing it sooner!

I Want To Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Selling Your Martial-Arts Program For Top Dollar To Just About Every Single Prospect Who Does An Intro..

Imagine if you had such a powerful Intro Presentation that you could take anyone on your staff, who had half a brain, and have them closing upwards of 90% of the prospects who take your intros..

Sound too good to be true??

Well stay with me because I’ve got something that’s gonna rock your world and radically improve the percentage of your intros who sign up!

Let me explain real quick…

My name is Michael Dolpies. Many of you know me from my monthly column in Martial-Arts Professional Magazine, “The Martial-Art of Selling.” I’ve spent the last 8 years as a school owner who did all of my own intros and enrollments. I’ve agonized for years to come up with the perfect system to get a family to enroll in my school on their first visit.

I got tired of people not showing up for their second intro lessons. I got tired of making appointments and sitting there at the end of the night with a book full of “no shows.” I got sick and tired of people taking me up on a “2 week free offer” and then never hearing from them again. I hated when prospects told me they couldn’t afford it, or they gotta talk it over with their husband, or they “want to think about it.”

I determined it would be easier if I could just figure   out a simple way that would get these people to enroll on day 1 so I didn’t have to cross my fingers that they would be back for their 2nd intro or stick around after their 2 week trial period. It was also painfully obvious that enrolling a prospect after just one 47 minute presentation was an excellent time saver, and you know time is more valuable than money, right?

Lucky for you..

I came up with an intro program that is virtually guaranteed to convert a prospect to an enrollment in exactly 47 minutes and I have it down to a science….
and now you’re gonna profit from my years of fine tuning!

In early 2003 it hit my like a bolt of lightning, and so I began to do things just a little differently than the “average karate school owner” and "voila," Magic!

My prospects whether they were parents enrolling their children, adults enrolling themselves or a whole family coming in to my school all enrolled on my 1 year program very enthusiastically and with no buyer’s remorse after just one 47 minute intro presentation.

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It is so simple..

I developed a program that requires no high pressure sales techniques, no manipulative selling, no false promises. And oh Yea, No more worrying about objections!!

Remember, no matter how you stack it, new enrollments are the life blood of your martial-arts school! And if you’re not using a proven system to enroll 93% of the people who walk in your door you’re missing the boat!

Imagine, just for a second, if you could flip a switch and make your sales job 100X easier and 100% more effective.

Couple questions for you..

How many intros do you teach a month?

How many people each month do you get inquires from?

If you don’t know the exact number that’s ok.. It’s not important right now… But what you need to prosper as a school owner is about 15 to 20 new enrollments per month.  Some of you would be thrilled with that number. Still some of you do over 20 new enrollments per month. But, you both need to keep reading!

Here’s how I can help you make tons more money immediately...

To get say 20 enrollments how many intros do you have to teach? In other words……What percentage of your prospects enroll after just one visit with little effort or exercitation from you or your program director?

I’ve surveyed countless school owners who think they are doing well enrolling 5 out of every 10 intros…

The Truth is…
Why would you settle for anything less than a 90% closing ratio when others are closing 93% of their prospects!

These guys and girls are no different than you!
They’re just following a proven system for enrolling 93% of their prospects, that’s it, nothing complicated actually it’s extremely easy to steal my proven system and use in your school regardless of style or curriculum.

"Your system certainly made a difference by giving my staff easily understood tools to clearly and confidently communicate benefits, to preempt and eliminate fear of objections, to build a level of rapport and credibility never before possible in such a short time frame and, the bottom line, to close a higher number of sales at a higher price. Your system has taken our introductory process to a whole new level of finesse beyond what I'd previously imagined."

Richard Marlin
Success Martial Arts

Why this is for every school owner and program director?

If you’ve got boatloads of prospects coming in what would it mean to you if you could close and enroll more of them? How much more money would you make if your closing percentage increased dramatically because you started using some very simple techniques that you’ve been missing all this time?

If you’re currently struggling to get enrollments how much more money would you make if you knew that everyone coming in was virtually guaranteed to get started? Life would be better and you’d be a lot less cranky, wouldn’t you?

For 5 years I was absolutely determined to figure out how to get a high percentage of my intros to enroll, I got tired of dealing with those 11 problems just like you’re tired of them. So here’s how this sure fire intro program came about..

It’s a combined effort from some of the best sales people and martial-arts school owners in the world!

I’ve spent countless hours learning from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, Ben Gay, Jeff Smith, Tommy Lee, Rob Colosanti, John Graden and others that I don’t have time to mention.

What I’ve done for you.. Is Priceless!

I took all their advice and years of experience took elements of each person’s talents and knowledge plus all of my own experience and knowledge and packed it all into one very powerful and overly simple sales presentation that get this…

Will give you the power to enroll 93% of the prospects who come in for your intro program.

Why have I put this program together?

Simple..To show school owners that getting new students quickly and easily doesn’t have to be a sparring match!

So now you get to take all my knowledge and skill that I’ve invested thousands of dollars and many hours into acquiring, plus my years of real world experience.

And that’s why…. 

You don’t have to be a fast talking sales person to get this overly simple system to work for your school.

You don’t even need to do the intros yourself! That’s how EASY it is!

This system is so simple that you can turn a staff member with limited or no sales experience into a super selling machine if you just follow the approach that I lay out for you.
But don’t just take my word for it….

“Your method of enrolling students is the best I’ve ever heard of! It’s so simple that anyone can adopt it.”

Jordan Gutierrez
Flash Kickboxing Brighton CO. 80606


Fellow Martial Arts Professional,

Testimonial Martial Arts of SellingIf you want to learn how to make more money, sign up more students, and stop beating your head against the wall in the martial arts business – YOU NEED Mike Dolpies’ program.  For months now, this guys been all over the place!  When I saw him in the Martial Arts Professional Magazine for the first time, I was a little skeptical, but I thought he must know his stuff. 

At least that’s what I thought until I had a chance to see Mike live, in person, where he delivered a home run presentation on Selling in the Martial Arts – I’d never heard anyone really put the pieces together like Mike did, not just for me, as the school owner, but for my staff, something they could understand and profit from.  Ever since then, I’ve been thinking, gosh, I wish I could find a guy like Mike to be my Program Director, someone who actually gets it!  That’s why I was so excited to hear that Mike was coming out with a program called “The Magic Intro”, this thing is it, the perfect tool, that’s USUABLE, EFFECTIVE, and EASY to teach to anyone in the school. 

The best thing about Mike, take it from me, is that he’s tried and true, and he’s been selling with the best of them – I mean, we’re not talking about cheap stuff or scholarship programs, Mike means business and he’s sold high priced monthly programs and big ticket cash outs – I know because I’ve attend meetings with him and I’ve personally listened to Mike on several occasions and gone back to my school and tweaked my enrollment process, and made money from his ideas.

You’d be plain dumb not to take advantage of anything Mike has to say – believe me, from someone who’s bought it all in the Martial Arts business…I’m here to tell you, Mike Dolpies knows what he’s talking about and his program will make you money.  Just think, you could be enrolling more, better, faster, with your very next Intro, with the help of Mike’s program.

Now go get ‘em!

Scott J Manning
S J Manning’s Family Tae Kwon Do
Terre Haute, IN

Become a Martial-Arts Sales Master Now, click here

Don’t worry! You don’t have to change any of the techniques that you teach in your current intro program.

This program is not style specific so any school can put its powerful secrets to work for them.

He is an excellent presenter and the information taught on selling martial arts lesson was invaluable.  I took the information back to NH and used it to retrain my staff.  Our closing ratio is about 90% from telephone inquiry to enrollment.  I attribute the increase to our new found knowledge of sales tactics. 

I would recommend anything training aide that Mike makes available to martial arts school owners. Thanks Mike!

Lynda Nelson
Quest Martial-Arts, Barrington NH

Here’s how it works..

  • You’ll uncover proven secrets to get “solid appointments” out of your phone inquires.

  • You’ll discover how the initial phone call plays such a key role in higher closing percentages.

  • You’ll find out how not to discuss price over the phone without your caller feeling like you’re “hiding something.”

  • You’ll un-cover the simple mistakes you’re making that cause “no shows” in your appointment book.

  • You’ll find out the secrets to building “instant rapport” with your callers and most importantly how to cause your prospect to be “eager to meet you” when they hang up.


  • You’ll find out how to avoid the 3 common mistakes that school owners and program directors make that kill their sales before the intro begins.

  • I’ll show you how to “set the stage right” so your prospects immediately begin down the road of enrolling in your school.

  • You’ll discover what questions to ask in what order to virtually destroy any possible objections before they can even be brought up by the prospect.

  • You’ll become a master at hitting the “emotional hot buttons” of your prospects.

Testimonial Martial Arts of Selling"When you spoke at the at Boot Camp my first thought was 'I want Mike Dolpies in my office.' 

The way you presented a sale was very smooth.  More importantly, you made the customer want to buy instead of trying to sell them.  Most sales people don't realize the importance of this.  It really made me rethink how I deal with my own prospects.  

Normally it takes me 15 to 30 days to get a prospect to enroll.  You enroll prospects after one  visit.  That is powerful."

Ron Achenbach Owner/Chief Instructor
Karate America De Pere

Become a Martial-Arts Sales Master Now, click here

Then most importantly...

I’ll show you how easy it is to wrap up your meeting with a proud new student just about every single time.

There’s really too much to mention here, but I guarantee you that this simple system for enrolling 93% of your prospects is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!


This Program is Not About Overcoming Objections!

What I’ve found over the years is that learning to overcome objections is easy; it’s using what you know and getting it to work that’s tough!

Incidentally there’s a secret about objections that top sales trainers don’t tell you. Don’t worry I reveal it to you in this program!

I am so sure that you will achieve fantastic results using my simple system that I am willing to back it up for 12 Monhts with my ……

“One of a Kind, Nobody else in the Martial-Arts Biz Has The Balls To Do It, No Questions Asked, Cheerful, 12 Month Money Back Guarantee!”

That’s right, I’ll back it for 12 full months! And those of you who know me know that I’ve got a whole heck of a lot more years left on this planet..

Now best of all..

This program which includes, an easy to follow manual and more than 3 hours of audio where I explain in detail the secrets of enrolling students quickly and easily.

This program is so far under-priced!! In fact, just a fraction of one enrollment fee will cover the investment in this priceless program that I agonized for years to come up with.

Become a Martial-Arts Sales Master Now, click here

I’m Not Jokin’ around!

I’m that serious and I’m willing to stand by my program like no one else.

So to recap..

You get:

The Complete Martial-Art of Selling, “One of a kind” sure fire guide to enrolling 93% of your intros, Guaranteed!

Which Includes-

“The Martial-Art of Selling” Manual

Which was my foundation for turning amateur program directors into pros virtually over night? The manual covers proven formulas to secure solid appointments with qualified prospects and explores in depth the “A to Z’s” of selling Your Martial-Arts Program. This is the only manual you’ll ever have to give a program director. It reveals all the little subtleties and all the hidden gems that helped me close 93% of the prospects who did an intro with me.

“How To Enroll 93% of Your Prospects in Just 47 Minutes” (Audio downloads)

I explain in detail all the secrets that will virtually secure you a top spot amongst martial-arts program directors. I set these audios up as if we were talking 1-to-1 so it’s easy to listen to and profit from.

“The Martial-Art of Beating Objections” (Audio download)

In this audio program I’m there with you 1-to-1 as I show the art and science of destroying objections! I dispel all the myths and give you simple proven strategies that virtually destroy any objection!

"How To Close Every Sale" (Transcript, 2006)

This will help you absorb the powerful words and concepts of this one of a kind program deeply into your sub-conscious so that it becomes second nature.

Usually That’s the whole program, But When You’re 1 of The Next 43 School Owners to Invest in This Powerful Material You Also Get…… 2 FREE Bonuses Worth $198.00!

Quick Action Bonus # 1

Martial-Arts Mailings,the keys to getting direct mail to work for your school - ($99.00 value) FREE.

I get right to the point in this audio and tell you what you need to know before you begin using direct mail to recruit students.

Quick Action Bonus # 2

How to Close Every Intro - This is the powerful live talk I gave.($99.00 Value)

I reveal every hidden secret so you can begin enrolling everyone who walks in the door! After listining to this you'll never look back!

And Most Importantly What Separates Me From The Pack…

You Get My “One of Kind, Nobody Else in The Martial-Arts Biz Has The Balls To Do It, Cheerful, No Questions Asked, Un-conditional 12 Month Money Back Guarantee!”

I’m not worried about you even being hard up for cash one day and calling me, because with this program you’ll never have that problem!

So Fill Out The “Who Else Wants To Be A Martial-Arts Sales Superstar” Action Form So I can swing open the door for you with this powerful program right now that’ll help you dramatically increase your closing percentages immediately!

You can take advantage of the entire program plus the $198.00 in FREE Bonuses for Only $297!...

Mike, why’s it only 297 bucks?

You can get it right now by filling out the action form and then I will ship it to your door for just an additional $10.

Let me remind you that this material is the only guide you’ll ever need to give a program director or whoever is signing up new students.

Just $297! Plus The FREE Bonuses if you get it right NOW!

Remember $297 is just a fraction of one of the many enrollments I’ll help you close immediately and after that you’ll profit many many times over for the rest of your days as a professional martial-artist!

And of course I assume all the risk. I back it up for life! So don’t wait! Order this powerful sales closing program right now. Don’t wait; it’ll cost you a fortune!

Talk to you Soon!

Remember, Your investment is protected by my…….

“One of Kind, Nobody Else in The Martial-Arts Biz Has The Balls To Do It, Cheerful, No Questions Asked, Un-conditional 12 Month Money Back Guarantee!”

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

**You can order this by phone too!

My number is 267.992.2970. Just keep in mind that I live on the East Coast so if you feel the need to call be mindful of the time.

Also my address is 22 Aphrodite Ct, Barnegat NJ, 08005

So get it NOW Because Your Total FREE Bonuses are $198.00!

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Yes Mike! I’m saying Yes to you because you’re gonna show me how easy it is to get tons of yeses from all my prospects!

I want to be the next “Martial-Arts Sales Superstar!”

So please rush me your entire “Magic Intro” Program right away so I could begin profiting from it immediately.

I trust you because you’re backing up your program with a truly unique 12 month guarantee that no one else in this industry has the balls to do! Please charge my credit card for the very reasonable investment of $297...which is nothing compared to what just 1 more enrollment is worth to my school - plus ALL the FREE bonuses worth $198.00!

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