Simple yet Profitable

In this week’s series of “MA-Biz Secret Society” tips I’ll be focusing on the idea of simplicity. 


I’m gonna move from the general to the specific. I’m gonna talk about life in and of course, “The Martial Arts Business.” 


So here goes…. 


Remember this simple (Yet often overlooked) marketing maxim; “Sell people what they want not what the need.” More importantly… 


Sell people what THEY want not what you think they want. And…. 


Never, ever catch yourself trying to sell people what they need or worse yet…. 


Never, every try selling people what you feel or think they need! 


OK, sorry for all of those negatives! 


Remember the “Platinum Rule” by Tony Allesandro, “Do unto others as they want to be done unto. The platinum rule stands above the Golden Rule and was written to be followed by ALL business owners. 


Find out what your students want by simply asking them. This may sound overly simple, but study their guest questionnaires about which benefits they are seeking. 


Since we’ll be talking simplicity all week, I wanted to start off…well…Simple! 


Count your blessings that the Martial Arts are still largely un-regulated. This simple fact saves us all a TON of headaches, so be sure to take full advantage of this reality. 


As we move to specifics I encourage to take a long, hard look at your school with your silent thinking cap on. Try to find areas that would benefit from being less complicated. 


Look at student service issues…. 


Do you get the same questions over and over? 


Do you lose people more at a certain belt or level than at other levels or belts? 


Are you keeping any employees around just for the sake of it? I spoke with a woman last week who had four employees with only 130 students! Ouch, I know one man bands that manage 150 students and are putting the 7k per month that they’d be paying out in their pockets! 


We’ll talk more simplicity later!  


FYI- In the early part of April I’m gonna post the interview I did with Warren Greshes, Author of, The Best Damn Sales Book Ever. I’ll also be starting my interview series called: “Not the Usual Suspects,” where I’ll be talking with school owners who are doing fantastic and flying under the radar! 


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