Stamina in The Martial Arts Business

Call it staying power. The energy to persist. The ability to last. Whatever you want. The fact is we can all relate.

Whether it’s the ability to spar or grapple longer.

To work a long weekend filled with special events at your martial arts school.

To work the 15 hour day and plan your martial arts marketing.

The ability to keep at it year after year as you grow your martial arts business. Stamina is key.

This past weekend we had a table and I spoke (for the second year in a row) at the Member Solutions Business Building Bootcamp.

I got to reconnect with industry leaders and experts and make some new connections. Had dinner with Mike Parella, Allie Alberigo, Roland Osborne, Tommy Lee, Glen Hansen (Editor of MMA Business) and the great folks at Member Solutions.

Something that stuck out for me. Stamina.

What I mean is I ran into guys that’ve been doing their thing for years.

I mentioned to John Graden how, just in my 6 years of doing business with school owners, I’ve seen so many “shiny new objects” come and go. But how refreshing it was to run in to so many who have been “at it for a while.” (Him Included!!)

I mentioned to Dave Kovar how when I was just 16 years old and had just earned my black belt in TKD one of my instructors let me borrow the Kovar instructor training manuals and video tapes. When I opened my school two years later I studied his stuff even more.

The true test is the stamina of the people behind the business and the school. Their willingness to try new things and constantly innovate to reach their main goal of serving others through their passion.

I overhead another speaker talking about how “There is so much information in the martial arts industry.” Yes there is! You know why? Because the best school operators are great teachers and great business people. Great business people and great teachers both have a strong desire to help others. Put those two together and you have a bunch of folks willing to share (and get paid to help their fellow professionals).

As a school owner you should take this information as a blessing.

How to sift through it all?

Look at their stamina. How long have they been at it? Do they have a system or are they sporadic? Do they tire of something quickly or does their approach build on their innovations?

If you want to be the best and most successful school owner you can be an open mind and willingness to learn is the foundation.

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