Starting in the Martial Arts Business

This experience was so key to my martial arts business career. In fact, if it had a different ending starting my martial arts school might have never happened.

When I started my martial arts training at a local TKD school back in 1993, like you I quickly became pretty jazzed about my classes.

In three months my dad enrolled me in “The Black Belt Club” when the school owner simply asked him to do so.

It went like this…

Instructor: Mike, do you want to get your black belt some day in the next three years?

Me: Yes sir!

My Dad: Are you sure, because I am gonna pay this in full!

Me: Yes Dad!

Instructor: Great!

I started my training at a “Professional Martial Arts School.” At the time – I really did not know there were “UN-professional schools” I could have trained at.

This school had introductory lesson scripts.

There was a way to answer the phone.

They did martial arts marketing for their programs

As you can see they had an “Upgrade program” in place.

2 months after I joined BBC my dad said… “….go ahead and quit…”

Now let me put that in context for you.

There was a dude in my neighborhood that taught a few private classes out of his basement.

We ran into each other and got to chatting.

At one point he trained at the exact school where I did.

As we were talking he went into “recruitment mode.” Telling my young 14 year old ears why the school I was going to was “inferior.” Why they were “money grabbers.”

You were 14 once right? Well, guess what – I am almost joined his school.

I told my dad – all the “propaganda” and asked my dad if he thought I should switch schools.

He said “NO!”

“But daaaaaad!”

Still… NO. In fact…

He said…

“No way Mike! But you know what… Go ahead and quit if you think you are training at the wrong school, but then make sure you get a job and pay for your own f***ing classes!”

I wised up.

My dad is the best!

I strengthened the bond with my instructors and class-mates.

That summer I spent days and nights at that “professional school.”

That professional martial arts school gave me an alternative for hanging on the streets and getting in trouble.

That professional martial arts business was able to paint the picture of how martial arts was so much more than just coming to class.

At 14 I understood martial arts could actually be a career (even though no one else did!)

At 15 I learned how to answer the phone professionally and book intro lessons.

Something some 35 year old school owners still can’t seem to do!

Many folks have fun “hating” on professional schools.

Funny thing.

The guy I was telling you about…

He flopped around for many years.

He taught out of little “hole in the wall” places.

He had a location inside of gym for a few years.

Finally – almost 9 years after he tried to convince me that I was making a mistake training where I was – he eventually opened up a nice “professional” school.

It’s all good – different strokes for different folks Willis.

By the time he FINALLY opened – I had my school for 5 years already. It had already grossed well-passed 7 figures.

Just goes to show you…

Choose the professional route and get professional results.