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Martial Arts Business Summer Enrollments

We’re quickly approaching another summer season.

Quite often the question we get around here is…

“How do I keep a steady flow of enrollments over the summer?”

An additional question that should follow up the first question is…

“How can I keep my current students from dropping out?”

Let’s try to answer both – briefly right here…

“How do I keep a steady flow of enrollments over the summer?”

I encourage folks to be careful with “paid marketing” in the summer.

Easing up on certain direct mail and community newspapers (yes, people still read local print publications) is a good idea. Why? Because most people put life on hold in the summer so there’s no point reaching them when they are not even remotely receptive.

I’m talking – mid July – Early August. Aggressive recruitment before and after this time window is a must.

The key to getting summer enrollments…

It’s to “Interupt Your Prospects.”

Here’s what I mean…

We’ve found (and so have our members) that working with community groups… Kids groups – Adult groups – Camps, etc is key to a steady flow of enrollments.

There’s still time to book yourself solid when you take action.

If you visit at least 8 groups during the course of the summer you can easily enroll 20 fresh faces.

Plus, when you play your cards right you can build a huge list to market to in the fall via email and direct mail. This is something so many martial arts business owners miss and so many martial arts business marketing groups don’t understand.

The approach is key…

Using the correct words with group leaders gets you in.

Never – ever call what you want to do with them – “martial arts” or “karate” they will tune you out.

Then – don’t agree to teach their group more than ONCE over the course the summer – our tests have shown over and over that less is more.

Then – you must have a good system for getting them back to your school and enrolling them.

Next – question…


We love to use the “Crazy Weeks of Summer Program”

Basically, there’s something new each week for students to look forward to.

This includes…

Soaking instructors with water balloons (yes– adults get into this too).

Outside classes.

And this year–

Making a Martial Arts Movie and Social Media Week.

I wish you the best for the summer.

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