The 3 Musts of Any Upgrade System

It’s worth taking a second and third and forth look at the upgrade process you’re using in your martial arts business…

Upgrade Process– Translated– Retention!

Some schools putz around with no real system in place for upgrades and they suffer because of it.

Others have super smooth ways to get their students happily involved for the long haul.

Whether you’re an upgrade master or feel uncoordinated about your upgrades or you’re somewhere in between….

Take a look at this short video because I touch on the 3 Things That Must Happen BEFORE someone will Upgrade.

None of them have anything to do with “Selling”

Be warned– I shot this video in my Mountaineer after thinking of  a conversation I recently had with a school owner about implementing these three musts.

For Help Implementing Your Winning Upgrade Formula– Plus, Simple Ways to Keep Your New Students Flowing This Summer…

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