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The other day I was speaking to a martial arts business owner I highly respect.

He immigrated to the U.S. many years ago and worked a traditional J-O-B for a long time. Then, right before his midlife crisis he decided to scrap the J-O-B and start a school.

That was 26 years ago. Even though he’s had success he’s constantly on a mission to improve. That was the gist of our conversation.


We drifted into Internet Marketing and what he had in place for his martial arts school on the web.

That’s when I got a big AHA moment based on what he told me.

He confessed that the internet was a little confusing to him. And while he enjoyed “hustling” in the real word, the web seemed like a whole different ball game.

So his internet marketing ended up being sort of a “hodge-podge” between a badly designed site that wasn’t working and some “cookie-cutter” program that uses the same exact template and look for everyone.

He admitted, rather regretfully, that his “Cookie Cutter” program site had done absolutely nothing in the 2 months since he signed up for it.

Anyway– here’s the big question….

Is your site an ACCURATE representation of your school?

2 things to consider…

If your site is poorly designed or comes off as amateur you’re gonna give your prospects the impression that your school is poorly designed and amateur  Is that what you want? You can have the best school in the area, but you’ll  still turn off those valuable new prospects before they can meet you.

On the “Cookie Cutter” side of it…

Are stock photos, wording that is used for you and 100 other schools and colors the same as the next guy really an accurate representation of your school?

We are in the information age and consumers have the power. They are savvy! You only insult them with some “me too” image you put in the web.

I find it sad that so many school owners who take pride in their art and their business fall for these “Short cuts” to Internet Marketing because of their Over-Inflated promises and “nice look” (the same look for everyone mind you)  It is really pathetic.

So ask yourself…

What message are you putting out there on some of the most valuable, yet “cost effective” virtual real-estate?

“Me too!”  –  “Mrs Prospect please fall for this.”  “I’m not unique.” or “I’m amateur .”


Are you putting your best foot forward and conveying a look and unique compelling message of professionalism?

Only you can answer that.

Talk to you soon…

Mike D.

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