The Law of Balance

The Law of Balance

By: Mike Dolpies

Everything in life must be balanced. There is no way around it!
Just think of when life gets crazy and out of control. Chances are
something or several things are out of balance. If you’re personal
life is suffering, then you maybe working too much. If your health is
failing chances are good that you brought the condition on via being
out of balance physically and in your diet.

Every circumstance in life must also, by the nature of this law,
be balanced. The fact is that everything has a price. There always
has to be some sort of trade off. If you adapt your thinking to
this truth then you’ll clearly see that most situations are neither
 negative nor positive, but what you choose them to be based on
what side of the balance beam you happen to be on.

Let me give you a quick example to confirm the natural law of
balance. I had crises in my school. A staff member who was
responsible for day to day operation of the school decided to
leave. Now, this staff member leaving was really not the issue!
I have had many staff members come and go over the years.
It was the way he went about it.

He didn’t plan on telling me that he was leaving! He was just
going to be gone, leaving my students and me high and dry. It’s
quite clear to see what his motivation was for doing this was.
He planned on opening his own school with the idea that the
students would naturally follow him. He hedged his bet with the
idea that because I do not live close enough to the school that
I would not step in and run things. He was wrong! But, the real
lesson is what positive came out of this situation.

At first glance this would seem catastrophic, but as Robert
Ringer says, “the habit of putting problems in perspective is a
key to long term success and the ability to think clearly in a
crisis.” This staff member’s thoughtless, reckless actions
were actually what I and this school needed!

We needed a fresh start. We needed to clean house and get rid
of some non-loyal customers who would only hurt us in the long
run anyway. We needed someone of higher quality and integrity
looking after the school in my absense on a day to day basis.
That was the big positive that balanced this situation out and
truly revealed that everything happens for the best!

A former school owner who knew there was an opportunity came in
and became a partner in the school with me. He was absolutely up
to the challenge and committed to making things better!

Always remember the law of balance when life throws its
un-avoidable problems your way! Stay focused on the solutions
and not the problems and through the laws of the universe things
will turn out how you visualize them and think about them in your mind!

If you consider the law of balance in every situation you’ll easily be
able to deal with the problem knowing that it is just a matter of time
before the positive side begins to shine through!

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Copyright 2008 By Mike Dolpies