The Most Important Form Of Leverage


Today we are going to talk about the most power leverage that we school owners have…It is what enables us to separate ourselves from other schools and other activities/fitness programs.



And did you know- that if you are predominantly targeting children right now you risk being categorized as a “Children’s Activity Center.” I think this classification is more dangerous and risky than any temporary economic challenges.


When targeting adults our job is to separate ourselves from the numerous “clubs” and “gyms” out there.



OK- The one thing that you must always leverage is your personality!



In your school, YOU are your most valuable asset next to your students. Think about it…They are there for you and your program.


 You and your personality is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition!) In the past month or so I have been receiving SPAM emails from a consultant in our industry who claims that “The Martial Arts are becoming a commodity.” This is only the case for school owners who allow this to happen!



You are not a commodity because you are the only YOU! You must begin to leverage that fact in your marketing. You must put yourself out there. This simple fact is why what the other schools charge has no baring on you (unless you allow it to). In an upcoming phone call we’ll be discussing “Shameless Self-Promotion Secrets.”



Just remember- As a school owner you have the luxury of pretty much being able to do whatever you want. So start today where you stand and make yourself into a trusted expert and celebrity in your market area!


copyright 2008 by: Mike Dolpies