The New Bulls-eye on Your TV

This is some pretty interesting “Marketing News” and it applies to all of us so take a few minutes…

For many years “Big Businesses” have had that sinking feeling…

The feeling their TV Ad Money is going to waste! Mainly because, for the most part, it’s so hard to “target.”

I don’t have any pets – but I know I see a few ads for dog and cat food even during the course of my very limited weekly TV viewing.

Basically– the bottom line… is this.

The dog and cat food advertisers don’t want to market to me any more! Why? Because it’s a waste of dinero!

Direct TV is finally rolling out it’s “Targeted Program.”

To make this simple…

Households will now be sorted out. So when there are kids in the home – mom and dad will get ads targeted specifically to them as parents.

If you have pets you’ll see pet ads. And the list of segmentation goes on and on!

Now don’t get too excited because the initial talk on this is it’s gonna be more expensive than “traditional” advertising.

But here’s the take away…

What we’ve been doing in the small business world has finally dawned on the big timers!

We’ve had the ability to target for many many years now. It’s called… Drum Roll….

“Direct Mail!”

“Working with like minded groups in your community”

“Getting Local Publicity”

“Powerful Referral Generating Events”


“Dominating the Internet In Your Area”

All things high on the list of the most successful school owners.

The Question?

Are you blindly throwing marketing out there? Or maybe you’re not doing anything at all?

The Action…

Start Targeting!!

Go for the Bulls-eye!

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